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Multiples Morning Mayhem!

Getting twins, triplets and other siblings up and ready for the day is a sure-fire stress builder. What can you do to start each day in a positive fashion?

Here's 7 quick tips to get you to a calmer place every day....

Remove Distractions

With multiples, one of their biggest distractions is each other! So, divide and conquer! If possible by get them dressed in separate rooms and have a "one at a time" bathroom rule. Turn the TV off if you want them to tune in to you!

Give Clear Instructions

For daily routines, make a list of steps, they are easier to understand and comply with! Be firm, stick to your guns and reward completion with heaps of praise. Give 5-minute warnings when moving from one task to another and you could offer an incentive to them to encourage them to complete the task in hand..."finish that on time and you can watch 5 minutes TV".

Clocking On and Off

Turn the ticking clock to your advantage...make it a race against time to get tasks done. You can get involved too as kids just love to beat their parents! If it takes 15 minutes to get dressed and you have one or two dawdlers, put some pressure on in a fun way...."Mummy's almost ready, I think I'll win today". It's surprising how well this works!.

Don't Do it for Them

Tempting as it may be, don't step in and finish things for your kids when they're dawdling, it only serves as an incentive for them to do the same tomorrow!'s ALL in the Planning!

Get clothes and school bags ready the night before, check homework, make packed lunch, lay out breakfast to avoid the breakfast time battleground! Set your alarm clock a little earlier and get yourself ready will alleviate a lot of stress if you're not trying to get you plus two or three children ready at the same you'll have the bathroom to yourself too!

Groundhog Day

Every morning feels the same but it's actually important to have a consistent routine in the morning, it has to become a way of life as you'll be doing it for years! Establish a non-negotiable routine and have consequences for anyone who steps out of line.....missing a favourite program, earlier bedtime etc. The consequences can also be good, the child that follows the rules gets a treat and the other(s) miss who wants to miss a treat?

Take The Weekend Off

Give everyone a break from routine at weekends and in school holidays. As they get older, they may have other activities planned but avoid any 9am starts, its just too stressful after 5 days of morning madness!

And remember - as my mother (who had four children under 5) used to say, Keep Calm and Carry On!

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