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Birthday Tips & Ideas for Twins & Multiples

Twins and triplets of all ages love birthdays. There's nothing quite like the feeling of waking up on your special day, even if you do share it with someone else!

Planning the party or celebration can be just as much fun. So here are a few tips to help you plan the event before your twins or triplets celebrate their next birthdays. Leading up to the celebration of your twins or triplets birthdays is usually a flurry of activity. It seems everything is multiplied by 2, 3, or even 4 - oh, what a party you're going to throw!

But before all that activity, the first big step is the decision to actually have a birthday party in the first place. Not every parent of twins or triplets has a birthday party for their children every year. You may decide to throw a party every other year or hold off on the parties until the children have reached a certain age. They may ask for a party once they start school so if you're a new parent, you have some time to plan ahead!


Check out our Birthday Planning Tips for Twins & Multiples Who? What? When? Where? And we all know the why! The all important planning - you can never get enough of it! Top Tip - Start planning at least 6 weeks in advance!

Party Invitations

Sending out invitations can be confusing. If your twins or triplets have mutual friends as well as friends of their own from pre-school or school you may find the result is a combination of individual and multiple invitations.

Send the invitations out a few weeks in advance. Don't forget the RSVP. In some cases when you invite a child, you may also be implicitly inviting their parents and siblings. Some parents are perfectly happy to drop their child off at a party, but others are not, especially a younger child. It's not easy to control this, but you do need to consider it when planning for the party because it determines how many party bags and how much food you'll need. The upside to parents staying is that they'll usually lend a helping hand.

TwinsUK offer a range of Twins and Triplets Birthday Party Stationery including Twins 1st Birthday Invitations, Twins Birthday Party Invitations, Triplets Birthday Invitations and both Twins Thank You Cards and Triplets Thank You Cards for all those multiple presents! .

Multiple Considerations

For once, get two (or three) for the price of one. Birthdays can be one of the few ways that parents of twins and multiples actually catch a break. If you go with one event. it is certainly easier to plan and much cheaper than two separate events, although prepare for multiple mayhem as twins and triplets parties usually mean more guests!

For older children, you may need to consider alternative celebrations. Some parents may wish to show respect for each child's individuality by creating separate events. Talk to your children about their ideas - sharing a birthday may just be part of the fun of growing up as a multiple.

Birthday Themes - you may want to have a theme for your party, but this can become quite the challenge when holding a party for two or more children with differing interests. As long as the kids have a good time it doesn't really matter if their party is coordinated. We have some twin-themed Party Tableware and Decorations that may make their day extra special.

Birthday Cakes - do you provide a separate cake for each child? Once multiples are old enough to have a preference, let them help make the decision. For younger children, fairy cakes are an easy solution. I had one large cake for their 1st Birthday and as it was a Helter Skelter, had sugarcraft models made of my twins coming down the slide! For their 2nd Birthday, I went for two separate cakes and the following year they asked for a fairy castle themed party and cake so I had fairy cupcakes and one large cake with two sugarcraft fairy princesses made of them as well - bit of a challenge as they wanted the models of them to be dressed as Snow White and Sleeping Beauty - twins can be very demanding!!

Remember, all children deserve to hear "Happy Birthday To You" sung in their honour, so we sing it all the way through for each child and don't forget to light the candles for each one.

The In or Out Dilemma

Having your party at home or out at another location is a decision that needs to be made early in the planning process. The time of year and the number of party guests will probably help make your decision - not to mention the wishes of the birthday children. If you decide to celebrate in, you may decide to go it alone or bring in some extra entertainment and if you do decide to go it alone, be sure to have plenty of activities lined up for the kids and I would tend to keep the party on the shorter side.

If you decide to call in some extra help here are a few ideas:

  • Clown - they can paint faces, make balloon animals and perform some magic tricks
  • Magician - some even come with the rabbit
  • Bouncy Castle & BBQ (in the garden for a summer party)
  • Princess / Fairy dress-up and make-up
  • Puppet show (they set up a puppet theatre for the show)
  • Craft Ideas - the kids do a supervised craft activity and go home with a gift
  • Cooking Party - kids make & decorate a fairy cake and get to eat it too!

Here are a few ideas if you decide to celebrate outside of your home.

  • Arts and Crafts - another creative outing where you pick the craft and they help the kids make it
  • Movie (party rooms are available to celebrate in after the movie)
  • Swimming - swim in the local pool and celebrate in the party room afterwards
  • Kids playlands with tunnels and slides suitable for all ages
  • Farm - local farms that have vistors usually have party packages
  • Ice Skating or Roller Skating
  • Ten Pin Bowling
  • And the list could go on and on.....

When going out, it is always best to have extra help to make those inevitable trips to the toilets possible.

It is always a good idea to get a reference when mixing entertainers and children.
If you are having a party outdoors always have a plan 'B' just in case the weather changes and it pours down with rain. If applicable, advise on the invitation if suitable clothing needed for the party.


Plan extra activities and games, it's better to have too many than not enough. Make them all a winner. When playing a game such as Musical Chairs, consider giving a prize or treat just for being out. This way everyone is a winner and the kids will like the game a whole lot more. Consider group games such as a treasure hunt where the treasure includes something for everyone. Plan more activities than you think you will need and schedule the events.


Children can consume food in a matter of minutes so don't plan much time for refreshments. Keep the food simple and finger friendly. Put the names of each guest on cups to avoid misunderstandings. Ask if any of the party guests have any special dietary requirements, such as a food allergy. Find out as the RSVPs responses come in.


Give thought to what gifts your children may like. More times than not you will be asked this question when receiving the RSVPs. It is best to have a few reasonably priced ideas ready.
Party guests will likely wonder whether they should get separate gifts for each child.

There is no easy answer like so many issues with multiples, it all depends on the children and their personalities. In some cases, a (larger) single gift that can be shared may be more fun than individual items. Or, you could give similar gifts but in different colours or completely different presents, that way they have double the amount to play with although getting them to share may be a challenge in itself! Children with differing interests would most likely prefer separate gifts related to their interests and in some cases it's easier all around to just give everyone the same gift, such as two dolls - it's one less thing to argue about!

Prior to the party it's a good idea to remind your children how to act graciously regardless of what present they receive. Also remind your children not to make a big deal out of duplicate presents.

TwinsUK have so may gifts, it's hard to know where to start !! Check out our Twins Gifts Department for extra special gifts for Twins, Triplets and Quads.Our Toy Department also has some great indoor and outdoor toys for twins, triplets and more!

Party Bags

Keep loot bags out of sight from guests until the end of the party. If they see them they will want them there and then. Make up a few extra loot bags for brothers/sisters of guests who might stay unexpectedly.

In choosing gifts for the party bags, spend more on creativity than money. A flower pot and seeds for a garden party or modelling clay for an art party. You can even send the kids home with an item they have made during the party. Books can be an inexpensive way to cater for groups of children of similar ages and you don't have to think about all the little bits and bobs to go in each bag - a book and a piece of cake and you're done! We have some great Children's Books featuring twins or triplets, of course, but fun reading for everyone.

For those that simply do not have the time to shop around, you can always shop on-line or book a party planner who will make up the party bags for you!

Other Tips & Ideas

If going out, take extra carrier bags to the venue to put presents in to take home and always get to the venue early, especially if setting out food.

Remember the camera. Give someone the job of taking the photos so you can concentrate on the party. A child's birthday party presents an opportunity to create a memory that lasts a lifetime. Take lots of pictures and don"t forget the video camera. Check out our Twins Tips on Photographing Twins and Triplets Birthday Parties for some top tips.

In case of an emergency, make a list of contact numbers where the parents can be reached at all times during the party.

If you end up with leftover party supplies (party bags, decorations, plates & napkins) pack them up and give them to a local women's' shelter. Their children have special occasions too!

Final Thoughts....

That just about covers it. Remember to have fun and enjoy the celebration of your children's birth! Oh yeah - remember this is a special day for you also - after all you did all the hard work a few short years ago.

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