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Taking Twin Toddlers Out

Spring is a great time to get out and about with your children and explore and we've got the kit to do just that - with twin baby carriers, gorgeous twins changing bags and toddler wagons for 2, 3 or more! When you're raising more than one and whether it's carrying, walking, or pushing the kids, we make it twice as easy!

Out 'n' About - TWIN & TRIPLE WAGONS

Looking for versatile transport for two (or more) then check out our twin wagons - great for a trip to the shops, a 'walk' in the park, day-trips, picnics and for fun holidays times two!

Choo Choo Twin Wagon Ride-on

NEW! Choo Choo Wagon - this fun, colourful ride-on twin wagon is perfect for multiple child transport....add on up to 3 extra 'cars'!

The Choo Choo Wagon is a unique ride-on with connecting cars like a choo choo train for twins or more to ride in. If you are looking for a fun twist on the usual style of wagons, then you should check this one out. Twins love wagons and they will especially love pretending to ride around in their own choo choo train!

Twin Seat Versa Wagon for Two

Your Twins will have double the fun in the Versa Twin Seat Wagon. The removable seats are an added feature making eating out on the go more accessible for you and your little ones. Bright, primary colours and the stylish modern design make this wagon perfect for both twin boys and twin girls.

Twin Canopy Wagon

Our best-selling Twins Canopy Wagon is an award-winning and innovative ride-on with sun protection, which allows two children to be transported around in style. There is plenty of storage space for packed lunches and drinks as there is a large storage compartments under a hinged rear seat.

Suitable for twins from around 18m, it's durable construction means it will last for years. Great for use in the garden or outdoor trips, even as fun transport to nursery...they'll be simply two cool for school!

Twin Reins with Carry Pouch (Also available as Triple Reins)

Our Twin Reins are specially designed safety harnesses for twins that give you peace of mind when out and about with your twin toddlers. Instead of buying two sets of walking reins, here is one Twin Set that covers all your needs Re-designed by our experts and tested by parents of twins with safety, comfort and convenience in mind, these really are the Rolls Royce of reins - only the best for you and your duo!

They are so flexible you can use them as either
- Two completely separate, independent single reins (used by one or two adults)
- As a Twin set but joined together using a single parent lead handle
- As a Twin set but using both parent handles - one in each hand

- Single or Twin set, clipped to a parent belt (leaves you hands-free)

Please Note: Your children should be walking steadily on their feet before using these reins (usually between 12-18m). It may take a couple of trips out before your children become accustomed to wearing them as they are not used to being restrained.


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