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A Room for Two..a practical guide to creating your perfect Twin Nursery
Preparing your nursery for the arrival of twins is a double delight. Whether its a simple space or something more elaborate, you will want to make it a special place to welcome them.

However, although planning your nursery is exciting, it can leave you in a double dilemma. With so much to think about and big decisions to make, here I answer some of your most common questions.

Should twins sleep in the same room?

The Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths (FSID) recommends that babies sleep in the same room as their parents for the first six months, although not in the same bed. They should be on their backs in the feet to foot position and settled to sleep using a soother to reduce the risks of cot death. You can visit their website - for more information.

Co-sleeping is the term used to describe putting your twins (or triplets/quads) down to sleep together in the same cot, this is also referred to as co-bedding. You may have co-bedded your twin babies in the hospital and wish to continue this on at home. Most parents co-sleep their twins for at least part of the time once their babies come home and co-bedding for multiple births seems to make sense and there are some practical reasons for doing so as well.

7 Benefits of Co-Sleeping Twins

  1. Enables them to sleep safely in their parents room for longer
  2. Its easier to care for two or three at a time when they are together
  3. They enjoy the comfort & security of having each other close by
  4. Research shows babies settle down more quickly and more easily
  5. They develop a synchronised sleep pattern by sleeping side by side
  6. Babies can maintain visual contact with you and each other
  7. Premature babies benefit from close physical contact

Should we buy Twin Moses Baskets?

They provide comfort, mobility and convenience and are easily moved from room to room allowing you to keep your sleeping babies near you as you go about your daily household activities. They are also handy to use in your bedroom for the first few months after your babies arrive home. However, soon your babies will need to move into a cot.

The Arms Reach Co-Sleeper Cot is an excellent bedside twin cot that provides an innovative and long lasting alternative to moses baskets and can co-sleep newborn twins or even triplets in your room. You can feed and care for your twins during the night without even leaving your bed!

What are our options in the twins' nursery?

In the hectic early days of twinfancy, it is sometimes helpful to designate one room as a nursery and keep the cots, changing table and equipment in one place. Its more convenient and easier during night-time call-outs!

Because your babies will spend a great deal of time sleeping in their cots (fingers crossed!) you want to be sure to invest in safe, sturdy products that match your style preference and budget.

Initially, twins may be perfectly comfortable sharing a single cot and a Cot Divider helps to keep your babies in the recommended feet-to-foot position. However, the time will come when sharing a single cot is impractical. When that happens, you want to be prepared with other sleeping options to avoid the frustration of sleepless nights. If space is limited the Shanticot bunk beds are a space saving and flexible alternative to having individual cots.

Can twins sleep in the same cot?

Putting twins together to sleep is a matter of choice, but your experience in hospital will probably influence what you do at home - whilst some hospitals sleep twins together when they are born, other units put them in separate cots. Once the babies are home, most parents of multiples have co-bedded their twins and sometimes triplets or quads at some time.

Ideally, your babies should share your room for the first six months as it is the safest place for them to sleep (not in your bed!). I would highly recommend the Arms Reach Co-Sleeper Cot, its a practical solution which lets your babies sleep side by side and attaches to your bed making night feeding, comforting and changing so much easier for you all. It also converts into a freestanding cot, a travel cot, playpen and changing table - a flexible and cost effective solution for parents who put safety and convenience at the top of their twins list!

If I have twin cots in the nursery, are there any safety tips?

  • Keep the cots away from power points.
  • Place the cots away from curtain cords and other cords or ropes in which babies could get tangled.
  • Always have the side(s) up when the baby(ies) are in the cot(s)
  • Have cot mobiles well out of reach.
  • Keep the cots well away from heaters. electrical appliances and lights.
  • Keep the cots away from windows. especially if the window is not on the ground floor.
  • Make sure the space above the cots do not have pictures or mirrors. They could fall and injure the child(ren).
  • Other furniture like wardrobes should be secured to the wall
  • Safety-proofing is all important and it's never too early to start (see Safety Twins Tip)

From Womb Mates to Room Mates!

Once they move into their own room, if they are sharing a Twin Nursery or bedroom then the Shanticot Double Cot and Bunk Bed may be what you are looking for. At a time when money and space are at a premium, a convertible double cot offers a cost effective and space saving solution. The innovative design of these double bunk beds is ideally suited to parents of twins. The larger model is suitable from birth to around 6 years old can be easily converted from cots to bunk beds as your twins grow. The only problem you'll have is who gets the top bunk!

Plan the Space...a place for everything!

Arrange the room so there are different areas for the various activities you/they will carry out in the may have a large room or a more compact space but the theory is the same. You want to have a quiet, peaceful area for sleeping and/or reading and another defined area for play...this could be a playmat or play gym when they are babies and an easel/chalkboard or toy box/dressing up, arts & crafts area as they grow into more active toddlers. having defined areas will help teach your twins the difference between sleep and play times and is quite handy for quicker clearing up too!

Designing for your Duo!

Function is important in a nursery for twins, but so is style! Let's talk about the fun stuff... how to make it "two" cute. When choosing a nursery theme for twins, there are several approaches. You can highlight their special status as multiples using a twin room theme such as Thing 1 and Thing 2 from Dr Seuss Cat in the Hat or why not combine a neutral colour scheme with twin-themed accessories.

If you're unsure of your babies genders, its best to go with a neutral style as the last thing you'll have time to deal with once they're born is redecorating their room! Soft pastels work well to create a soothing, peaceful nursery or bright primary colours provide a stimulating environment. We've got some finishing touches like twins nursery prints, twin photo frames, twin-themed door hangers and fun alphabet blocks that will make your nursery twice as nice!

Looking for more information on twins sleeping...take a look at our Twins Tips for The First Year where you will find top tips and advice to help you with co-bedding twins, premature twins and co-sleeping, establishing a routine for your twins, sleep solutions for twin toddlers and lots more!

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