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Choosing a Changing Mat for Twins

When a change IS as good as a rest!

You'll be changing your twin babies nappies up to 10,000 times before they are potty trained so having a changing mat that does more than just look cute is pretty important. A few pounds may buy you a standard padded mat covered in wipe-clean, plastic but you will probably need to replace it every few weeks as the plastic can often tear and become stained and grubby, especially round the edges.

Some parents have a changing mat in every room in the house to save their legs at nappy change time plus a travel mat which is often supplied with the changing bag of their choice. And while all that is fine and dandy, what is often overlooked is the comfort of the babies. For even though most babies love the feeling of being without a nappy, lying on your back on cold plastic with some of your best bits exposed to the elements isn't always the best of fun! The cold PVC gives them the 'startle-factor' every time their bums touch it and we wonder why they cry!

So when you shop for a changing mat for your twins ...think about your babies and what you want from their changing mat. Look for one with a good degree of padding or foam that will protect their back from every bump or groove in the floor beneath and provide proper support. - ensure the sides of the mat are high enough to prevent baby rolling off. - check that the fabric of the mat can be well and truly kept clean (towelling is nice initially but can get really soiled) and is soft and warm to the touch.

You should clean your mat every day with an anti-bacterial spray or sterilising solution as germs and bacteria can quickly multiply and transfer to your babies' bare skin - make sure there are no rough edges on the corners of your mat as these can scratch your little ones' delicate skins - and remember when you lift each baby from the bath on to the mat to have a towel ready as you can only imagine the feeling of coming from warm water to cold plastic - I would suggest having two mats in the bathroom to make life easier.

Want to buy the best?

When it comes to caring for your babies, the Harmony Duo Combi Changing Mat sets a new standard in comfort, safety and cleanliness. Luxurious AND practical, our double changing mat is the only one of its kind - with larger change areas for growing babies, you can be sure that your babies will be nappy-happy on these cool mats!

The double mat is a unique 2-in-1 combination of a raised side contoured top mat plus a second 'quick-change' flat blue mat. Both mats have removable covers that are ultra-hygienic, super-soft, stain and tear-resistant with waterproof yet breathable fabric, keeping your babies dry, clean and comfortable. Designed, tested and awarded the 'Gold Standard' by mothers of twins, this really is the ultimate changing mat for twins!

3-Way use - Easy as 1, 2, 3!

For more great Harmony Duo Products - see our full range here

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