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Double Bumps, Babies and Beyond!

Getting some rest before your twin babies are born can be almost as difficult as sleeping once they've arrived! So right from the first trimester, we recommend you invest in the all-new, multi-use Harmony Duo Pregnancy Wedge, carefully designed to help you sleep, rest and sit before and after your multiple pregnancy in complete comfort.

Only Harmony Duo brings you two extra large, contoured wedges with their own connector for perfect positioning and posture support for a healthier pregnancy and, above all, a good night's rest!

The softer, white wedge is designed to fit under your abdomen, lifting the weight of your growing bump, helping you to sleep more easily on your left side, as recommended by medical experts.

The blue wedge is firmer and is ideal for the small of your back, improving your posture and helping to prevent backache while supporting the spine. Used with the white wedge and connector it will also prevent you from rolling onto your back in bed, which should be avoided after the 1st trimester.

A triple bonus...

Three things really set Harmony Duo Pregnancy Wedge apart from the rest.

First, the two contoured wedges are joined by an 18 inch-long lightly-padded connecting strip which slips easily and comfortably under the body, allowing you to adapt the wedge positioning as your bump grows and keep the wedges in place...and your bump is going to get BIG! This is particularly important when resting or sleeping at night, as the back cushion prevents you from rolling onto your back.

Second is the size of the wedges. Many of the wedges available in the market are just too small to provide full support in the crucial area from under the breasts to hip level. The Harmony Duo maternity wedges have been designed by mothers of twins along with postural experts to ensure they provide the right support in the right places!

Research also shows that using a wedge-shaped cushion rather than a soft bed-type pillow can mean more sleep for mum and a healthier pregnancy when she sleeps on her side (recommended sleeping position is on the left side but don't panic if you sleep on your right, it's fine too but may be more uncomfortable). By aligning the spine and lifting the weight off the abdomen, your circulation is improved, you get the maximum blood flow to all your major organs and your babies get all the nourishment they need as oxygen and nutrients can get to the placenta(s) more easily.

Third is the fabric, never before used outside the healthcare sector and designed to feel good even against bare skin. Smooth, silky-soft and breathable to keep mums-to-be oh-so cool, it is PVC and phthalate-free and, thanks to an invisible protective layer, it is also stain-resistant and antimicrobial, giving full protection against germs and allergens. Wipe it clean or zip off the cover and wash it, even at 95C, for maximum hygiene.

Unlike squashy bed pillows or full body support pillows which aren't so easy to take with you wherever you go, the purpose-made Harmony Duo pregnancy wedges weigh just half a kilo and slot into their own carrying bag for a fold-and-go solution at work, on holiday or away from home.

And so much more...

The wedges can also be detached from the connector and used separately... use one between the knees and one to support the bump, or put your feet up, either sitting or reclining, to reduce swollen ankles and tired legs.

Either wedge can also be used as a supportive back cushion as they are contoured to fit in the curve of your back, used as a firm seat cushion, the blue wedge helps to maintain the pelvic tilt when pregnant and once your babies arrive, the wedges can support mum when she's sitting or can be used to elevate the babies' upper bodies to help digestion and reflux after a feed or to soothe them if they have colic or a cold.

Harmony Duo pregnancy wedges are registered with the MHRA as a Class 1 Medical Device and are widely recommended by midwives and health professionals. They have been developed by mother of twins, Delyth Raffell, who has spent 8 years at the helm of TwinsUK, the UK's number one online shop and resource centre for anyone with twins, triplets or more.

Other products in the all-new Harmony Duo collection include both a twin and a single feeding cushion and a luxury two-in-one changing mat. All Harmony Duo products are made in the UK and use the same high quality materials and standards of craftsmanship. They are simply the best 'twin-vestment' you'll make!

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