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Top 10 Multiples Must-Haves! Essential Equipment for Twins & Multiples
Are you expecting twins, triplets or more or already raising multiple babies? New parents of twins and multiples have a lot to juggle and& that's why its really important to understand the practical products available that really lend a helping hand with the everyday tasks of caring and raising twins. triplets or quads.

At Twins UK. we aim to make life with multiples a little easier and a lot more enjoyable with the very best practical products

Top 10 Practical Products :

You might be lucky enough to be having twins, triplets or quadruplets or you may have an expanding family and require a pram or pushchair that will be flexible for your needs. Whatever the case, your pram and buggy needs are going to be slightly different depending on your circumstances and lifestyle. For multiple children. you can now get tandems, twin prams, triple buggies and even specialist transport for up to six children!. At TwinsUK , we have an extensive range of twin prams, twin buggies, double pushchairs and lightweight twin strollers. Of course, we also have transport for three and have triple buggies and triple prams as well as some strollers. Visit our Take Us Out Department to see the full range of options.& Please also see our Twins Tips - Shopping Guides for more help on how to select the right pushchair for you!

Twins Nursing/Feeding Cushion: This is an absolute must have gift for a new mum who has decided to breastfeed her babies or who intends to bottle-feed them. You will be able to feed your twins simultaneously (tandem nursing), comfortably and hands-free and friends and family can help out too with bottle-feeding. You can find these lifesavers at TwinsUK in foam and inflatable models plus optional pillow toppers and storage bag.

Twin Baby Carrier: Another must have piece of equipment - a twin baby carrier is absolutely necessary for busy and active mums and dads of twins. Babies can ride comfortably facing mum or dad and these carriers are a safe way to transport babies on foot. No need for a double buggy and it leaves you commpletely hands-free!!

Large Changing Bags: Forget those dowdy changing bags with no space ! Take a look at our range of distinctive and stylish changing bags with room enough to store everything your need for twins or triplets and complete with two insulated bottle/food holders, lots of storage pockets and adjustable straps - and yes, they do fit a twin buggy!

Medela Freestyle Double Breast Pump: This is an absolute necessity if you intend to express breastmilk for your twins or triplets. The double electric pump allows fast and efficient expressing and the special clips that attach to your bar means you can do it hands-free. We also now stock the new Freestyle Electric Pump and the Pump in Style Backpack for busy mums on the

Twins Daily Dairy : Keep track of your newborn twins feedings, nappy changing, medications, naps and other important information with these easy-to-use, daily schedules designed by a twin mum just for you and your twins! Also available in Triple Time - Daily Schedule for Triplets. Each easy to use 'fill-in' style book contains 3 months supply and is in a handy A5 size, perfect to pop in your changing bag.

Co-Sleeping Twins or Triplets?

The award winning and internationally acclaimed Arm's Reach Universal Co-Sleeper cots are now available from TwinsUK. This provides an exciting and long lasting alternative to moses baskets and can co-sleep newborn twins or even triplets in the same room as the parents, which has been highly recommended by baby experts for the first six months.

Multiples How-To Books: New parents of twins, triplets and quadruplets often need a lot of help when caring for their new babies most baby books cover all the aspects of caring for one baby but imagine having two or more to figure out! Visit the Twins UK Books Department for a wide selection of books and guides on pregnancy, labour and birth as well as how to care and parent twins, triplets and more as they grow into interesting and lively children!

Expecting Twins or Triplets ?

We& have a fabulous range of Twins & Multiples Maternity T-shirts suitable for any expectant mum& pregnant& with twins,& triplets or even quadruplets. New designs include& some extra special Limited Edition Swarvoski Crystal T-shirts - Perfect for& evenings and special occasions to& add a little sparkle!

And can always call us or drop us a line if you need any help. We have specialist advisors available, all experienced mums of twins and siblings, who have extensive knowledge and are happy to help you - we know how daunting it can be too!

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