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Countdown to Multiple Motherhood!
Are you pregnant with twins, triplets or more - then get ready for some exciting times ahead! Your twin or triplet pregnancy be a very enjoyable and uplifting experience as you welcome multiple bundles of joy into your family! From the day you find out, you are counting down the days until their arrival - here we offer some handy 'twins tips' to help you get ready for your multiples!
Be Prepared

Being pregnant with twins or multiples can be very challenging and preparation is vital as there is a lot to be done before your little ones arrive.

"Parents expecting twins need to be a few weeks ahead of a singleton parents' schedule when it comes to getting ready for their babies' arrival" advises Connie Agnew in Twins! Pregnancy, Birth and the First Year of Life.

Start planning for your twins as early in the pregnancy as possible, particularly when it comes to assessing your finances and arranging priorities as having twins can sap your time, energy and money! Stock up on essentials over the coming weeks to spread the cost, prepare your nursery and purchase essential equipment by the beginning of your 3rd trimester as twins often arrive a few weeks prematurely.

Use our Two Are Due Maternity Notebook to make a list of things you need to accomplish and our New Parents Equipment Checklist will keep you on track for all the multiples-must-haves!

Read as many books on having twins and seek out parents who have had twins recently. Visit our online Resource Centre to search for twins or multiples clubs in your area as these clubs offer meetings and a network of support from those who have been in your situation and have advice and understanding to share.

7 Key Dates for Your Diary

Week 18 Prepare your Birth Plan but keep in mind you must be flexible as it will depend on health, birth positions and other factors.

Week 19 Check your maternity rights and benefits at work and/or from Government.

Week 20 If you plan to use a Maternity Nurse, Doula or any paid help, book early.

Week 22 Attend Antenatal Classes early as you may never get the chance otherwise!

Week 26 Pack your hospital bag. See our useful Hospital Checklist of everything you need to take with you for your labour and birth.

Week 28 Consider stopping work earlier and giving up traveling as you are likely to be uncomfortable and require rest and relaxation.

Birth Day to 6 weeks Register their births within 42 days (its the law!).

Nutritional Needs

Adequate nutrition during your pregnancy is doubly important when you are carrying twins. Many studies have shown a direct relationship between good nutrition during pregnancy and good health of the babies. Most health professionals recommend that a woman expecting twins gains about fifty pounds (3 stone). While this may seem daunting at the beginning of your twin pregnancy, most women find that it is easy to gain an adequate amount of weight to ensure the health of their babies.

Here are some specific foods that are convenient, nutritious, and delicious.

Green Leafy Vegetables - high in essential nutrients like folic acid, fibre, calcium and iron to protect your babies against birth defects.

Berries - contain antioxidants that help our bodies fight infection. Add strawberries, blackberries or blueberries to your cereal or enjoy them as a snack every day.

Nuts - provide protein to keep you alert and energetic and enhance babies growth

Eggs - will help you get other vitamins, fat and good cholesterol into your diet

The Power of Positive Thinking
There is much you can do to increase your chances of delivering healthy babies. One of the most important of these is having a positive attitude. Ignore any negative comments and keep your spirits up throughout your days in waiting by listening to relaxation tapes or by keeping a diary of your pregnancy progress.

Get Ready for Multiples!

There are a few extra preparations you will need to make if you are expecting two or more:

Its time to put your feet up! Try to relax and rest as much as you can to help prevent premature labour and delivery.

You will need to start wearing maternity clothes from your 2nd trimester as your bump will be the size of a full-term single baby by week 28!

Prepare your older children for the coming event to avoid possible jealousy. Plan to make them an active, helpful part of the new experience. (See our Twins Tips on Family Relationships for Siblings advice)

Choosing your babies names is one of the enjoyable parts of your pregnancy but its best to avoid rhyming names that seem cute at the time of birth but confusing later and if you choose the same letter, be aware of possible confusion with medicines.

Plan to have help after the babies are born, an extra pair of hands isnt a luxury, its a necessity when you have newborn twins or triplets! Ask if family and friends can help out or, if you can afford it, arrange for hired help for the first few weeks at least.

Looking for more information, then visit out Twins Tips on Twin Pregnancy & Multiple Birth

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