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7 Secrets for a Good Night's Sleep!

When you're pregnant with twins, triplets or more, you may never get a solid eight hours of sleep, especially during the 3rd trimester of your pregnancy, but try these suggestions to help you make the most of what sleep you do get. Here are our top tips to help you get the rest you need for a happy and healthy multiple pregnancy and above all, a good night's sleep!

1. Perfect Your Posture

Poor posture occurs naturally in pregnancy, but you can prevent back pain by being aware of how you stand, sit, sleep and move. To maintain a healthy posture, straighten your upper back so that your ear, shoulder and hip are aligned. Dont sit or stand in one position too long and wear low-heeled shoes. One of the most important contributions to a healthy pregnancy is good posture. How you hold your body while standing, sitting or lying down can decrease lower back pain and discomfort. Using our dual wedge cushions to support the critical pressure points during pregnancy whilst sitting or lying down and continue to aid good posture after childbirth. Improper Bending Heavy lifting, twisting, bending, and prolonged sitting can make your back hurt. You can prevent back pain by being aware of how you stand, sit and move.

2. S.O.S. (Sleep on Side)

The sleeping position most likely to give you some relief from discomfort during pregnancy is jokingly referred to as SOS, or sleep on side. Sleeping on your side using a wedge cushion helps to bear the weight of the baby, reducing the burden on your body. Health professionals recommend that lying on your left side after the first trimester allows for the best blood flow to the fetus, the uterus and kidneys. Because your liver is on the right side of your body, lying on the left side helps keep the uterus off this large organ. Sleeping on the left side can also help improve circulation and blood flow to all the other major organs. Avoid sleeping on your back or front after the 1st trimester. When sleeping or resting, lie on your left side with your knees bent and use support wedges for your bump, back &/or knees. Avoid lying on your back or front after your 1st trimester and adopt the S.O.S. position. To get out of bed, roll onto one side, push up through your arms into sitting over the side of the bed, the reverse to lie down, this avoids abdominal strain.

3. Take a Break!

It is normal to feel tired and exhausted during pregnancy and fatigue causes back pain! Rest as much as you can and take naps during the day to aid sleep at night. Naps during day aids sleep at night as overtiredness can cause a restless night. Your body is working overtime to produce two healthy babies. You should try to get extra rest at night and rest as much as possible throughout the day. Remember your posture too and make frequent position changes whilst sitting and standing, including stretching throughout the day.

4. Gentle Exercise

The best forms of pregnancy exercise include swimming, walking, aqua-natal, pilates and prenatal yoga. Pilates will help strengthen core abdominal, back and pelvic muscles. These types of exercises increase muscle tone and strength, improve endurance and decrease fatigue.

5. Think Nutrition

Eat small portions more often and include plenty of healthy snacks, vitamin supplements, folic acid. Eat at least 2 hours before bed and reduce fluid intake at night to cut down trips to the loo! Dont overeat, weight gain should be 25-35lbs (singleton), 35-45lbs (twins) and 45-60lbs (triplets). Remember that just because youre pregnant doesnt mean that you should overeat. The problem with eating too much is that youll gain excessive pounds of fat in addition to normal pregnancy weight gain. The more excess fat you gain, the more stress will be on your already stressed frame. That is why its important to maintain a healthy diet. Being able to manage your weight during pregnancy can help reduce the back pains that youll feel.

You may be noticing that you are warmer than everyone else in the room. Your resting metabolic rate is increased during pregnancy and causes you to feel overheated. It does not mean you have a fever. Drink extra fluids to replace any fluids that you are losing through perspiration.

6. Night, Night, Sleep Tight!

Create a soothing bedtime routine. A warm, relaxing bath, soothing music, dim lights and comfy sleepwear will help ease the stresses of the day and send you to slumberland!

7. Relax

A clear head and relaxed body aid a good nights sleep. Try massage or relaxation techniques to help you drift off in peace!

A final note: Attend you regular check- ups and monitor any pains. If you are suffering from severe pain, contact your doctor immediately. Your doctor may possibly prescribe medicine or recommend an alternative therapy to help some of the minor annoyances of pregnancy. If you are in any doubt about the health of you or your babies during your, contact your healthcare provider without delay.

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