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Twin Pregnancy Sleeping Positions

If you're pregnant with twins and you're experiencing sleeping problems, you're probably trying to figure out why your normal positions are so uncomfortable, and if there's a best way to sleep while pregnant with twins. Fortunately, experts do recommend some sleeping positions that should lessen your discomfort.

Twin Pregnancies and Sleep

While most pregnant women experience some discomfort in their normal sleeping positions, the problem is only exacerbated in twin pregnancies. Sleep discomfort can arises from back pain, heartburn, constipation and breathing problems associated with the increasing size of the fetuses. Backache and pelvic pain are common during pregnancy but by understanding how your body is changing and how best to support both you and your babies like maintaining good posture both day and night and adopting the S.O.S. sleeping positon, much of this back pain and discomfort can be prevented and/or alleviated.

Positions to Avoid

If you are a stomach sleeper, you will have to retrain yourself, for obvious reasons, to sleep in a different position as your pregnancy develops. It's recommended that you change your sleeping position as soon as possible, rather than wait for when it's necessary, so that you can get used to the new position before it's absolutely necessary. If you sleep on your back, you may be able to continue your normal sleeping position for a little longer, but as the fetuses develop, you will ultimately have to give up this position too, as it can lead to backaches, breathing problems, low blood pressure, and digestive problems because of the weight of the uterus on the digestive tract and major blood vessels.

SOS - Sleep on Side

Healthcare professionals refer to the sleeping position most likely to give you some relief from discomfort during a twin pregnancy as 'SOS', or sleep on side. Sleeping on your side, with a maternity wedge-shaped cushion bearing the weight, reduces the burden on your body. Specifically, it's recommended that you sleep on your left side. This is because your liver is located on the right side of the body, and sleeping on the left side prevents the uterus from pressuring this vital organ. Sleeping on the left side can also help improve circulation and blood flow to all the other major organs and to the placenta(s). Recent Research also found that sleeping on your left side may reduce the risk of stillbirth.

Other Tricks of the Trade

Elevating your upper body with pillows can help alleviate breathing problems associated both with hormone changes during pregnancy and pressure from the uterus on the lungs. It can also help prevent heartburn. Women pregnant with twins may also feel more comfortable on their sides when they put a wedge pillow between their legs or under their tummy. Research has also shown that using a wedge-shaped cushion under the abdomen can significantly increase sleep during pregnancy.

A Helping Hand...or two!

The Harmony Duo Twin Pregnancy Wedge is totally flexible allowing you to use the two cushions together or separately to provide support and comfort where you need it. Recommended from your 1st trimester for maximum benefit - most important as your bump will grow more rapidly in a multiple pregnancy. The wedges can be used throughout your 2nd and 3rd Trimesters for dual back and bump support whilst sleeping, also helping to prevent you from rolling onto your back. The two wedges can also be used separately for back, bump and knee/leg support when sitting, sleeping or relaxing (the handy carry pack makes it ideal to take to work too). Once your twins arrive, you can use the wedges to elevate their upper bodies should they suffer from reflux or to relieve the symptoms of colds and colic.

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