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Expecting Twins or Triplets - Help & Advice
You have just received the surprise of your life, your expecting twins or triplets! Suddenly your multiple pregnancy is filled with double delight and probably a double dose of anxiety too! Discovering you are pregnant with twins and are going to have a multiple birth is daunting and exciting at the same time - life as you know it will never be the same!

So what happens now? Expecting twins or triplets will make your mind dizzy with questions. How did this happen? What if I deliver early? How will I tell them apart? What equipment do we need, can they sleep in the same cot? Do we need a bigger car and house? How will we ever afford university times two? Arrrggghhh! Don't worry, help is at hand.......

Take a deep breath. It's time to consult with the experts -- parents of twins and multiples who have been through this same situation and lived to tell the tale. Talking to other families will reassure your fears and convince you that life with multiples is actually fun! While your body prepares your twin babies for birth, advice from other mothers and fathers will help you prepare your heart and your home.

TwinsUK has specialist advisors who have twins themselves so know what your going through and can help you prepare. We are here to offer you advice and support and we are only a phone call away. Our expert advisors and extensive knowledge of the nursery market will help guide you to the most suitable equipment that will help make life a little easier and most importantly, get you ready for the arrival of two new babies at once!

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Access our FREE Resource Centre, where you will find a host of articles under our Twins Tips ranging from multiple pregnancy and birth, how to survive the first year, taming twin toddlers to teenagers and many more tips to keep you from going twinsane!

With multiple birth on the rise, chances are you know someone with twins or triplets. Get in touch with them as well and share your exciting news. They'll be thrilled that you've been doubly blessed. and more than likely will be happy to provide some advice. But if you don't know anyone offhand. here are other ways to connect with parents and establish a support network:
  • Twins Clubs for families with twins, triplets and higher order multiples are found in nearly every town or city. Your Hospital, Health Visitor or Mid-Wife may have contact information for a local club or visit our Resource Centre to find a club in your local area. You may also consult the UK's national organization Tamba (Twins & Multiple Births Association) for support and advice.
  • If you'd prefer to confer from the comfort of your keyboard, seek out online communities for parents of multiples. On websites like or you'll find a vibrant and welcoming group of parents posting on a variety of forums and congregating in the chat room. Don't be shy, jump right in with any questions or concerns. You're sure to receive a supportive response.
  • Read up! Several books are available, many written by parents of twins and multiples. Twins & Multiple Births by Dr Carol Cooper, a mother of twins, is a good general one to start with but there are plenty of other books - these may be written for the American market, so terminology may differ but the general advice is relevant for all expectant and new parents of twins, triplets and more. Register with Tamba and read Multiple Matters Magazine. The more you know about the marvels of multiples, the more prepared you'll be for the challenges you'll encounter along the way.
  • Don't forget the expectant Father too! Read our Twins Tips articles by fathers to see what's in store or pick up a copy of a book like I Sleep at Red Lights by Bruce Stockler who captures the chaos, joy and challenges of becoming the father of triplets in this hilarious, fast-paced. and refreshingly honest memoir.
  • To keep your sense of humour during your twins pregnancy, why not try Double Trouble by Emma Mahony, for a more lighthearted guide. Emma is a twin herself and a mother of twins and provides a humorous look at the many grievances and joys that beset mothers of twins.
Finally, a multiple pregnancy can be subject to more severe medical complications than a single pregnancy. and you may be alarmed to find yourself categorized as "high risk." While there is reason for caution, there's no cause for panic. As you talk to fellow parents of multiples, ask them about their experience. You might hear a few frightening stories of preterm labour and extended hospitalization, but you'll also be reassured that many mothers deliver healthy full-term babies without any problems at all. The majority of multiple pregnancies do have a happy ending; even worst case scenarios can be remedied by the miracles of modern medicine.

Good luck! Your journey is just beginning. There will be moments of fear, frustration and fatigue, but also much joy, amazement and love.

Welcome to the wonderful world of multiples !

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