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Weaning Twins & Multiples - Part 2 FAQs
Weaning twins or triplets can be a stressful time for parents who may worry if they are doing it right and what affect this will have on their multiple babies. Hopefully, this short guide will help you understand the basics of weaning but here a few more answers to the most common questions.

Q Should I wean my twins together?

If possible, yes! Routines are a must with multiples and around six months old, you can begin to wean them together by introducing solid foods. However, it's not unusual for one baby to be ready to begin weaning before the other, so don't worry too much if you start one off first as the other will shortly follow!

Q Why Start at 11am?
Mid-morning is a good time to start as its easier to move to 3 solid meals a day,by gradually pushing the 11am feed to lunchtime and establishing breakfast and teatime. If solids are given earlier, at say 7am, they may take less milk at 11am and this can affect their afternoon nap causing them to wake earlier through hunger. If given later at 2.30pm,they may they cut back on their teatime feed, wake earlier for their late evening feed which in turn has a knock-on affect to their night-time sleep pattern. And, the last thing you want is them waking earlier in the morning than expected!

Q It is safe to use the same spoon and bowl for both babies?
Unless one of your babies has a serious infection, it's safe for them to share spoons and bowls as they will be exposed to the same germs. Most twins will also grab one anothers spoons and cups, so there isn't much point trying to keep their feeding utensils separate.

In the beginning, its a lot easier for you to serve two babies using one spoon and bowl, but make sure you keep a record of who had what in your daily diary!

Q What if my twins don't like the same food?
True fussiness is rare before 12 months and although one or both of your babies might screw up his/her face when they try a new food, perseverance pays off! They may reject it today and love it tomorrow! Experts agree that babies need to try a food many times before theyre used to it and eat it happily, so keep a record and try, try again!

Q Is home-made food better than jars?
Home-cooked baby food is cheaper and you control exactly what goes into it but there's nothing wrong with using the odd jar of baby food to supplement your cooking. Parents of twins have limited time to spend in the kitchen and its better for your babies if you're relaxed and happy rather than wearing yourself out trying to be supermum!

Q Should I give my babies drinks other than milk during weaning?
The drinks you give at mealtimes can be milk, water (freshly boiled and cooled) or diluted fruit juices that are suitable for babies. Make sure that any diluted fruit juice is given in a feeding cup or beaker (not a bottle) which can be used from 4-6m onwards.

Q Will giving solids make my babies sleep better?
Probably not! There is no evidence that weaning improves sleep and as first meals don't contain very many calories, they're unlikely to fill your babies up more than milk. Don't be tempted to offer solid food too early (before they are showing readiness signals) as this may give your babies indigestion. Waking at night isnt usually down to hunger but changing sleep patterns, so don't expect weaning to be a quick fix for sleep problems.

Q How should I feed my babies when were out?
In the early stages, its often easiest to take a pot of homemade food with you. Not all restaurants or cafes will heat baby food, though, so invest in an insulated bag. Heat your babies meals up to piping hot before you leave home and it should be just the right temperature by lunchtime. You can also give them food cold, banana is a great on-the-go food - simply mash and serve. Dont forget to take spoons, bibs and wet wipes!

For more on weaning and feeding, visit the Twins Tips section in our Resource Centre where you will find lots of information and advice on all multiple matters!

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