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Managing Multiple Mouths Part 3 - Bottle Feeding Twins

Whether you're breastfeeding twins or bottle feeding twins, what's important is that your experience is a healthy, satisfying and happy one! Even if you plan to breastfeed your twins, most mothers of twins will bottle feed them at some point, using pumped breast milk or supplementing with formula. Some mums will breastfeed the first few months and switch to bottle feeding when they return to work, and others may choose to bottle feed exclusively with formula from the beginning.

Breastfeeding is not for everyone so if you decide to bottle feed dont feel guilty as modern formula milk is also nutritious and the experience can be as enjoyable. It is important to hold your babies close during bottle-feeding and treasure the bonding process during this time. Provide a calm and relaxed atmosphere and speak to each of your babies in soft, soothing tones -this will aid in strengthening the bond between you.

Getting Organised!

Bottle feeding twins means you have to be more organised. You need a good supply of bottles, breastmilk or formula and a first class sterilising system. Newborn twins require feeding every 2-3 hours, so you'll be making 8-12 bottles per baby per day! The latest health recommendation is that each bottle should be made fresh to avoid bacteria breeding in warm milk, but you may find this impractical with twins. Consider making up 6 bottles at a time so you'll have a couple ready to go when you need them.

Bottle Feeding Tandem Style!

It's perfectly possible to feed both babies together and it is the most time-efficient way to do so! Some parents of twins panic the first time theyre home alone and both babies want a bottle (I know I did!). The best way to accomplish this is to use our Harmony Duo Twins Feeding Cushion, its perfect for tandem feeding and allows you to be close to both babies. If you are combining breast and bottle, the double-sided cushion has both an angled & flat side to enabling you to find the best position for both methods.

Bottle Feeding Twins at Night

In the early months, day and night may all seem the same to you! Sleep deprivation is the No.1 complaint of new parents of twins and multiples and if you are not prepared before darkness descends then you can kiss good-bye to any shut-eye! Its a good idea to agree a night-time schedule with any other carers, usually your partner, or perhaps a maternity nurse. Agree who is doing which feeds late evening through to early morning. Prepare the bottles before you turn in to save multiple trips up and down the stairs, using flasks and insulated carriers is quick and easy during night feeds. Keep the lights dimmed so they don't fully awaken and be sure to wind your babies after each feed.

Simple Steps to Success:

  • Sterilise all feeding equipment and wash hands before starting
  • Store bottles in fridge after cooling under cold tap to prevent bacteria
  • Throw away unused milk and never re-heat or re-use formula
  • Boil water and cool for 30 mins before making up bottles
  • Follow instructions carefully on amount of formula to use
  • Test temperature on inside of wrist, luke-warm is how babies like it!
  • A flask is handy for night-time and travel to make or warm feeds
  • Carry right amount of formula to make up fresh (tip: take double!)
  • Cartons of ready-to-feed formula milk are handy for emergencies

Advantages of Bottle Feeding Twins:

  • You can monitor how much milk they have had

  • Your partner and others can be involved in their care.
  • You can maintain an intimate relationship with your babies.
  • Less physically demanding than breastfeeding.
  • Babies may sleep better at night, not wanting the comfort of your breast

You will also find a comprehensive feeding guide in our Double Duty Daily Care Diary - this covers all aspects of feeding including Breastfeeding, Expressing Breastmilk and Bottle Feeding Twins, plus handy twins tips, steps to success and equipment lists togther with a 3-month daily diary for you to record your twins feeding, sleeping and nappy changing routines with comments and notes/reminder section. Everything you need to make an informed choice about your feeding method and a useful diary to keep you on track in the early daze!

You will find more information in our magazine, Twins & Multiple Births - The Essential Guide, available FREE by either registering online or call us for a copy to be sent to you.

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