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Managing Multiple Mouths Part 2 - Expressing Breastmilk

As a mother of twins, triplets or quadruplets, you might want, or need to, express breastmilk for many reasons; for premature or sick infants, to increase or maintain milk supply when returning to work, to let dad be involved in feeds or just to have a rest from time to time!
Expressing breastmilk is a learned skill so give yourself enough time and patience to master that skill. Do not feel disappointed if you produce only little or no milk when you use a breastpump for the first time this is normal. Consider your first pumping sessions as practice runs and more practice makes more milk!

Begin regular pumping as soon as is possible after the birth and short, frequent sessions every 2-3 hours are better than long, infrequent ones. Consider buying a double breastpump before you go into hospital, as they are in short supply on the maternity ward, and during those first few days after birth your breasts may become engorged and a good pump can help alleviate the pain and discomfort. If your multiple babies are premature and in Special Care then hospital grade pumps and a quiet room are usually provided and you can also hire these from TwinsUK if you wish to continue expressing at home.

5 Tips for Success

Learn to Relax

  • It's easier to express if you're relaxed
  • Try deep breathing or relaxation exercises
  • Give yourself enough time and don't rush

Prepare Yourself

  • Have everything you need in easy reach
  • Find a quiet place and avoid distractions
  • Express with babies in view or use photos

Follow a Routine

  • Following a routine may help milk flow
  • Apply warm compresses & massage your breasts
  • Store breastmilk in the fridge or freezer

Rest & Nutrition

  • Have a healthy drink and snack during sessions
  • Get as much rest as possible (difficult, I know!)

Helpful Aids

  • Invest in an Electric Double Breastpump
  • A double pumping bra allows hands-free expressing
  • Stock up on bottles, freezer bags and bra pads!
  • At feeding time, a twin nursing cushion is a must!

Top Tip: Mums of multiples will usually double pump for efficiency and will find that their milk supply is higher if they use a double electric breast pump because it empties both breasts more completely than manual expression in addition, double pumping saves a lot of time rather than pumping one breast at a time.

The Medela Freestyle Double Pump is a top of the range double electric pump, ideal for expressing breastmilk for twins and triplets, and with unique 2-phase expression which simulates babies sucking for comfortable and efficient expressing. For hands-free expressing, our Easy Expression Halterneck Bra is the perfect solution allowing you the freedom to multi-task!

You can view more Twins Tips on Expressing Breastmilk in our Breastfeeding & Weaning Section and for our complete range of Breastfeeding and Expressing equipment and accessories, visit our Feed Us Department

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