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A to Z : 26 Reasons to Breastfeed Twins & Triplets

A to Z: 26 Reasons to Breastfeed Your Babies



Colostrum... the perfect first food

Decreased risk of breast cancer

Easy baby care

Few allergies

Good for the whole family

Human milk is specially designed for human babies


Jaw development

Kids get lots of attention when the new baby is breastfed

Laundry is a breeze

Mental development


Oxytocin and prolactin

Protection against many diseases

Quick weight loss for mother


Saves money

Travelling is easy

Understanding the baby's needs

Vitamins and minerals

Working goes smoothly when the nursing relationship is maintained

eXactly what baby needs

You get to take care of your baby

Zero waste

Only the Best Is Good Enough - Breastfeed!

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Family membership:
Join us in supporting breastfeeding and:
  • receive our bimonthly members' magazine. Breastfeeding Matters
  • meet other mums at your local group and access LLL group library
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  • help LLL provide mother-to-mother support for other breastfeeding mums
If you join through your local group a part of your subscription goes to support their local work helping breastfeeding mothers in your area. Ask your local Leader for details. Find Your Group
Health Professional Membership:

Our membership package for health professionals includes

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  • 10 Vouchers for our book shop
  • helps LLL to provide high quality information to breastfeeding families and all those involved in their care

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