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Special Needs Pushchairs & Equipment
Special Needs Pushchairs

The Twin Major Pushchair is a double buggy for special needs - the twin stroller is designed for older children who have non-complex mobility needs or behavioural conditions requiring restraint and is suitable from approx age 12 months. The double buggy has been specially developed to carry two children - either twins, two same/similar age children, or one older child and a younger sibling, either disabled or able-bodied. The twin buggy is registered with with MHRA as a Class I Medical Device. A strong, lightweight folding buggy which has been tested to 25kg in each seat, it is recommended for children up to the age of 8 years. Ideally suited to parents and carers of multiple children and special schools, particularly those who are in charge of children from 3 years old to around 8 years old. .

Maclaren Major Elite (Single Special Needs Buggy) - Designed for Children with Special Needs to approx 8-10 years old and is registered with with MHRA as a Class I Medical Device for Special Needs. The Major Elite has been developed to meet the demand for an everyday buggy for children, who as a result of disability, have a need for a portable. parent-wheeled transport. The model is supplied in the basic format as shown. but numerous optional accessories can be purchased.

Maclaren Major Elite Special Needs Pushchair (Single Stroller)Maclaren Majoe Elite Stroller Special Needs

Joggster Twist Double Buggy (Special Needs)
NEW! The Joggster Twist is a sturdy, sporty looking pushchair which is suitable for children with special needs and with an additional 'Buddy Seat' it becomes a double buggy for two! With a large seat and 34kg weight capacity, it's suitable for children up to 10 years old...and even better news is the Buddy Seat has a generous 20kg weight capacity! The buggy is ideal for one older child with a mobility/behavioural disability and a younger sibling. The buggy can also accommodate a newborn baby and a child up to 6 years old using the Multi-X carrycot and Buddy Seat. This is an all-terrain double buggy with a fixed/swivel front wheel. At last, a buggy that offers something new and exciting for families with children who have physical, mobility or behavioural disabilities, as well as their siblings, helping them pursue a more active lifestyle and getting out and about as a family.

We think this buggy offers parents and children something new and exciting as its trendy looks, ergonomic design and luxuriously padded 'Airgo' breathable seat(s) make this all terrain pushchair stand out in the the right way!

Also available as a single Joggster Twist for one child up to 34kg (2nd Seat can be added later if required)
NEW! DoBuggy Paediatric Stroller designed for children with special needs; suitable for non-complex mobility disabilities or behavioural disorders requiring restraint from around the age of 12 months to approx 10 years old (max. weight of 50kg). The DoBuggy Stroller is a special mobility aid designed specifically for children with special needs.

You and your child can enjoy a trip around town, at the beach, along a nature trail or at the park as the DoBuggy's 7" robust wheels can handle rougher terrain as well as smoother surfaces. The compact, lightweight and slimline design means you can access confined spaces like narrow aisles, crowded streets, and elevators more easily. The DoBuggy is ideal for travelling as the umbrella fold make it a breeze to store and transport whether in a car, on a bus or by air. The extra durable DoBuggy is everything you need in a stroller that also promises to last for many years

The Baby Jogger Independence Advance& ;is from approx age 4 to 10 years old& ;with maximum carrying weight 100lbs (7 stone/ 45kilos) and the Baby Jogger Freedom Advance Mobility (to 200lbs) from age 10 years to adult. These are single pushchairs for& ;people with physical disabilities to help them pursue active lifestyles.

Baby Jogger Independence Special Needs Pushchair

Traditional wheelchairs are far too expensive for rough and muddy roads. but these pushchairs provide a comfortable and smooth ride and people love them as they don't look 'medical' but are friendly and inviting for all ages. Baby Jogger will bring smiles to everyone by providing the opportunity to go for long walks. hiking or even to the beach.

DISCONTINUED: double pushchair that can be adapted for one or two children with special needs. The Mountain Buggy Terrain Double has many Special Needs options including a deeper seat unit. tall sunhood and extended footplates in either single or double versions. The twin buggy is suitable from birth and can be adapted for children up to approx 7 years old (max weight 30kg per seat). TwinsUK are the ONLY company that provide this unique option within UK/Europe. We also stock the Mountain Buggy Terrain XL, which is a single special needs pushchair for children from 4 years old. The Mountain Buggy Terrain XL is fitted with a full set of accessories to adapt the buggy for a child with special needs from 4 years to approx 9 years old.

Most children grow out of pushchairs because the distance between the base of the seat and the footplate is too small for their longer leg. For most makes of pushchair the increased weight is also a limiting factor but not so for the superior build quality of the Mountain Buggy with a maximum seat capacity of 35kg. Accessories included are: Higher and deeper seat unit, Extended footplate (suitable for older. taller children and 4 levels of adjustment), Tall Sun Hood (provides extra head height suitable for use to approx aged 8 years), Larger Raincover (to fit over extended footplate).

You can also visit the TwinsUK Take Us Outdepartment to see our range of twin. triple. and quad pushchairs. buggies and prams including special needs as well as some handy travel accessories.

Visit our new SPECIAL NEEDS DEPARTMENT for our full range of pushchairs, travel and feeding equipment and accessories.

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