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Practical Help & Financial Factsheet for Families with Twins, Triplets or More.
What financial help and practical support can I get if I'm expecting twins, triplets or quads? Having twins and multiples can be more expensive, even when compared with families who have the same number of children born at different times...there's a lot of equipment to buy all at once, there's rarely hand-me downs, childcare costs are high....all this and more can take it's toll financially, emotionally and physically, particularly in the early months and years.

Practical Help for Parents

Unfortunately. the government do not provide any statutory entitlement for additional support in the home for families with multiple birth children and this is something Tamba is continually raising awareness about and trying to get redressed. However. if you are expecting multiples. especially triplets or more, or you already have other children, it is worth contacting your local Social Services department to see if any help can be arranged.

Other sources of free help include the charity Home-Start. which has trained volunteers who can help families with pre-school age children for a couple of hours a week. You can also visit their site at

You may also like to consider NNEB students final year nursery nurse students are always looking for placements. but cannot be left in sole charge of the babies. Visit to find out the course nearest to you. Nannies and maternity nurses can be arranged through local agencies but you are strongly advised to take up thorough references. The cost for a maternity nurse for twins is around 800-850 a week. and for triplets it's about 1.000 a week. For a Nanny expect to pay around 7 per hour although this covers multiple children.

You can also opt for an independent mid-wife who offer midwifery care outside the NHS. For more information on their services you can visit their site at

You may also be able to get FREE Maternity Nurse help with your twins/triplets through a company called BabyEm, who have qualified Maternity Nurses looking to gain work experience with babies 0-3 months for a placement between 2 days-2 weeks. Contact Emma Dewey, Director BabyEm on 0208 986 9008 or visit their website

Financial Help

Despite popular misconceptions. UK parents of multiples are not entitled to additional benefits or grants from the government. In fact, Tamba believes the current system actually penalises families with twins or more and is campaigning for change.

State support provided to families through tax credits will be limited to two children so children born after April 2017 won't be eligible for any support. The only exception is if further children are the result of a multiple birth. So, if you have one child and your next pregnancy results in twins, triplets or more then you may still qualify. However, if you already have two children then you won't be entitled to any extra benefit.

If you're on a low income and/or receiving certain benefits. you could receive the Sure Start Maternity Grant. which is a one-off payment to help with the costs of a new baby. You receive 500 for each baby. and it doesn't have to be repaid. This grant must be claimed within 3 months of the babies' birth. So, even though you will be incredibly busy when your twins or triplets arrive, it is important to apply for child tax credit as soon as possible, and if you are entitled to the higher rate, you must then claim the Maternity Grant as soon as you can.

In January 2013, rules on Child Benefit changed and not all parents will now be entitled to this. If the twins or triplets are your first children. the first-born will receive the higher rate and the second and subsequent children, if only younger by a couple of minutes, will get the lower rate. On 7 January 2013 the Government amended the rules for higher earners and those with a partner earning 50,000 or more can either choose to not claim the benefit or they will be expected to repay some of it through a tax charge levied of 1% for every 100 earned in excess of 50k. Anyone earning 60,000 or above would have to repay all of their benefit.

For more information on benefits go to or ask your local Citizen's Advice Bureau.

The Inland Revenue has information and guidance about tax and National Insurance contributions (NICs) on Employer-supported Childcare. Here you will find information and guidance about the new tax and NICs exemptions on childcare or childcare vouchers provided by employers. There are also links to guidance about tax credits and other Government departments and organisations.

Childcare Costs

The typical cost of a full-time nursery place for a single two year old averages 110 a week. more than 5,700 a year and for a childminder it's around 90 a week. Nearly three-quarters of multiple birth families get no discount on their childcare costs and for triplets the costs can be as high as 2500 per month.

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