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Bathing & Changing Twins

When there are two babies to bathe and dress and only one of you, what do you do? Handling both babies in the bath at the same time can be tricky and downright daunting but here we give you some twins tips to help you when you're bathing and changing your twins.

Tip 1 Get everything ready for bath time before you start !
First. assemble all of your necessary supplies and have them within arm's reach. Then, fill the bath. If your twins are very young then you may find it easier to start with a baby bath before attempting two in the big bath but the principles are the same. Have the babies prepared and secured in bouncy seats or something similar. While you are bathing one, the other rests comfortably nearby in the seat. Even though your hands are busy with one twin, you remain within earshot and eyesight of the other, providing reassurance and comfort.

Tip 2 Invest in a baby bath supports
These can be as simple as a foam support which lies in the bottom of your baby bath or larger bath or the more fancier sling types that cradle babies in a very similar style as a bouncy chair without the bounce! They provide a much safer way to bath one or two babies (recommend with foam supports that two people are on hand) and allow you to bath them hands-free! As your babies get older and can sit upright, you can either use a support or let them play freely, but always be vigilant and never turn your back on them or leave the room.

Tip 3 Get an extra long bath mat
Ordinary bath mats are just not long enough for twins who are able to sit up on their own and the bath becomes very slippy so for safety reasons, either stick to bathing one at a time or invest in a long bath mat that should cover most of the length of the bath. You only need to fill the bath with a few inches of water and make sure it is not too hot - a temperature sensor can be used to test the water or a simple method is just to dip your elbow in.

Tip 4 Have double the fun in the tub !
Bathing your babies should be a nice, relaxing time for all of you and it's not all about keeping clean! Learn to have some fun with your twins by playing simple games with the water and later you can add some bath toys - get plenty to go around to avoid any conflicts. You could even make this valuable one on time if you can get some help and spend 15 minutes with each child to talk and play.

Tip 5 Many hands make light work!
Everything is a little easier if you have some help and bathing twins is no exception. This is a great time for Dad (or Mum) to be involved if they have been out at work all day. With newborn twins, bath one at a time if using a small baby bath but you can bathe two at a time in the big bath and then each parent has some one-on-one time with one twin.

Tip 6 Get them out & dried and then move on to doing nappies, PJs etc
You may find it easier bathing and drying both twins first and then moving on to the nappy and dressing part together. We still do this in our house as we keep all the changing accessories in one bedroom and get both twins ready together and then separate them into their own bedrooms for their stories. Alternatively, you can bathe, dry and change each twin separately and then when they are both ready, continue with the night time routine of feeding, stories etc

Tip 7 You don't have to bath them every day
Yes. it's perfectly acceptable to sponge wash your twins in the first few weeks and then bath your twins every other day or even every few days after this is fine - they just don"t get that dirty! As they get a little older and get muckier (think weaning multiple mess!) then they may need to be bathed every day but until then make your life a little easier and skip a few bath times!

Tip 8 Bathing daily does help establish a routine
I know, contradictory !! Establishing a normal bedtime routine for your twins - bath, drink, story, bed is helpful as they grow. It also helps them relax and can help promote better sleep.

These are a few tips to help you establish a bathing and changing routine for your twins in the early days and months. There's more advice, tips and information in our First Year Twins Tips articles which cover other areas in more depth.

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