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Going Twinsane? 10 Sanity Savers!
Are you going 'twinsane'? Caring for twins or more can be exciting and exhausting in equal measures! As you enter your first challenging year, we're here to give you a helping hand with our top 10 sanity savers!

1. Seek Help

Accept all offers of help from friends & family

But be specific about how they can help you

2. Get Organised

Were talking military standards here!

Routine! Synchronise feeding, changing, sleeping

Stock up on basics before they arrive

Re-pack your bag and lay out clothes every night

3. Be Flexible

Be prepared to change your routine as they develop

You may need to bend the rules occasionally

Dont stress when your schedule is upset, it happens!

4. Keep a Record

Essential for newborns use daily care schedules

Remember the good times memory book

Family Organisers are useful for older multiples

5. Join a Twins Club

Meet with other parents for mutual support/advice

Gives you a break and time to de-stress

Go online like-minded folk are up all hours!

6. Forget Chores

Yes, dump up with duster and hide the hoover!

For the first few months, its just not important

Avoid the stressful supermarket dash if you can!

7. Take a Break

Look after yourself caring for multiples is exhausting

Meet your friends, have a night off, go to the shops

Have a weekend away to keep relationships on track

Keep your sense of humour (this one is VERY hard!)

8. Get out and About

Dont become isolated, get out within 6-8 weeks

It may take 2 hours to get ready but its worth it!

It breaks up the day and the attention is nice

Shop online its easy and convenient

9. Don't suffer in silence

Call the Tamba Twinline for advice and support

Seek professional help if you find it difficult to cope

Keep your partner involved and spend time together

And finally.....

10. Don't try to be Supermum just be the best YOU can be!

For more information on caring for twins and multiples, click on The First Year and check out our other handy Twins Tips.

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