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Halloween Fun with Twins & Multiples!
It's that time of year again -- Halloween is around the corner and the season of ghosts and ghouls, witches and warlocks can result in terror for parents of multiples who are short on time, money or ideas - check out our simple ideas for halloween costumes, fun party games and pumpkin carving tips!
Dressing Up Your Twins/Multiples for Halloween
Choosing a costume can be a delicate issue should your multiples' disguises coordinate or compliment each other? Or should they reflect their unique identities. What's a parent to do? Whether you buy or make costumes, here are some ideas to consider.
Costumes for Older Twins & Multiples
If your multiples are old enough to select their own costume, it will probably be dictated by popular book, movie or television characters. Harry Potter, Spiderman, Superman, Batman and Robin, Pirates, Disney Princesses, Barbie and Dr. Seuss Thing 1 and Thing 2 are all popular as are the old favourites of Skeletons, Witches and Pumpkins. A great idea for quads is to use the theme from the Wizard of Oz as each child can play a main character and Mum could be the Fairy or even the Wicked Witch of the West ! If your multiples want to be the same thing, choosing a theme can offer many combinations and options for two or more.
Costumes for Baby Twins & Multiples
If your multiples are still young, your options are greater. Make the most of this time. Your chance to impose your creativity on them is limited! You don't have to spend a fortune or be an adept seamstress to create a costume. For young children, your best bet is to start with a solid colour foundation. Sleepsuits are ideal for infants, while jogging bottoms and a sweatshirt work well for toddlers and up.

Decorate with fabric paint or use fabric adhesive to apply designs out of other materials, such as felt, fur or feathers. Of course, always follow safety guidelines and ensure that costumes are appropriate for your children's age and activity level. One popular twins and triplets theme is Two Peas or Three Peas in a Pod, just start with a basic green outfit and add as many 'Peas' as you need to the front of the costume. They'll look good enough to eat!!
Traditional Halloween Party Games
Bob for Apples

Take a tub and fill with water and apples. Each child takes turn trying to get an apple out. Make sure to supply towels as this gets pretty messy. (Not suitable for young children)

Pass the Orange Halloween Party Game

Have the children line up in two lines with equal amount of children. Each person at the beginning of the line gets an orange and they hold the orange under their chin. They must pass the orange to the person behind them without using their hands. If the orange is dropped, it goes back to the beginning of the line. The first team to get the orange to the last player in the line, wins.

Pass The Pumpkin Halloween Game

Have the children sit in a circle. Start music and have them pass a small pumpkin around the circle. When the music stops, the one that is caught with the pumpkin is out. Continue to you have a winner.

Make A Mummy Party Game

Divide the children into two groups (or three groups if it is a large Halloween party). Select one from each group to be the mummy. Give each group a roll of toilet paper. When you say "go" each group wraps toilet paper around the mummy child. The first group that emptys their roll of toilet paper wins. You can also give a prize to the best wrapped mummy.

Easy To Make Ghost

2 White Facial Tissues
7 inch piece of string, ribbon, or yarn
Black Marker
Take one tissue and crumple it up into a ball. This ball will be the center of the ghost's head. Place the ball on the center of the other tissue and wrap it around the ball. Tie the string around the ghost's neck (not too tight). Draw the eyes and mouth on the ghost. Flair out the bottom of the ghost so it will stand! Or use a longer piece of string and hang from the ceiling.

Pass It One Ghost Story

Try this simple Halloween game. Fun and simple party or classroom game!
Turn off or dim all the lights and have all your guests sit in a circle. Start out by holding a flashlight so it illuminates your face and start telling a ghost story. At an exciting point in the story, pass the flashlight to the person on your left. They can then continue the story where you left off. Keep going for as long as you choose, it can be once around the cirlce or even longer. You can also set a timer for each person.

Eyeball Hunt Game

Fill a large pot with cooked spaghetti noodles, and then bury ping pong balls in the noodles. See who can find the most balls in a set amount of time. For an added twist you can color code the balls and have each color worth a different amount of points. After the set amount of times, count up the points earned by each player.

Murder Wink Game

One person is chosen as 'IT'. Whoever is 'IT', winks at a victim, the victim then waits about 5 seconds and then 'dies'. The victim chooses his own way of falling. If another player thinks he can identify the killer, he points and says "I accuse you." If he is wrong, both players are dead. Whoever guesses correctly becomes 'IT'.

Halloween Feel Box

Using cardboard (can be from empty cereal boxes or spare cardboard box), divide the inside of a large box into 4 pieces (or however many desired). Cut holes in the sides of the box - these should be big enough for a hand but not big enough to see inside. Put something (ideas below) into each section of the box and have the children put their hands in the holes and try to guess what is in it just by feeling it.

Ideas for items to place inside box:
  • Damp, Course Sponge - Brains
  • Dried Apricots - Dried-up Tongues
  • Cooked, Cold Spaghetti or Noodles - Worms
  • Peeled Grapes - Eyeballs
  • Fake Fur
  • Slime
  • Onions - Eye Balls
  • Mini sausages -- Cut Off Fingers
  • Overcooked rice in olive oil - maggots
  • Limp, slightly warm, oily cabbage leaves - skin
  • Rubber glove filled with flour or water dead/alive hand
  • Steel wool - witches hair
  • Boiled eggs - witches eyes
  • Jelly - witches brains
  • Chocolate sauce - witches blood
Make sure if you are using yucky stuff that you get the children to wash their hands afterwards.
How To Carve a Halloween Pumpkin
Use these basic pumpkin-carving tips from this how-to to help you carve the perfect pumpkin for Halloween.

Here's How:

1. Be sure to cover your work area (a workbench, table, or floor) with newspapers or a sheet of heavy plastic. If you plan to carve lots of pumpkins, you might want to work outside where any debris can be hosed off or swept away.

2. Decide whether you will be cutting the top or the bottom off of the pumpkin in order to remove the seeds. If you cut a hole in the top, you'll have an easy way to vent the heat from a candle. If you cut off the bottom, you'll have easier access for an electric light cord.

3. Before cutting into the pumpkin, determine how wide to cut the access hole. The hole should be large enough to fit your hand through, as well as accommodate a spoon or other scraping tool. If you're not quite sure how large a hole to cut, try a hole about 6 inches in diameter.

4. You can draw your design on a piece of paper and transfer the design to the pumpkin. You can also draw right on the pumpkin. Be aware, however, that a pencil or pen can dent the flesh of the pumpkin and a permanent marker may not wash off. If you're drawing directly on the pumpkin, use washable markers or waxy crayons/pencils instead.

5. Once you have drawn the circular area for the lid (or bottom), begin cutting with a knife.

6. Be sure to cut the top out holding the knife at a 45 degree angle, with the tip of the knife pointing toward the center of the pumpkin. Why? So the lid has a surface to sit on and it won't slip through the opening into the pumpkin.

7. Choose which side of the pumpkin will be the "front". Then on the back side make a mark with a pen or cut a slit in both the lid and the adjoining pumpkin edge to mark how the lid should be realigned after carving.

8. Next, get your hands slimy by reaching in to pull out the strings and seeds. Scrape this material away from the sides and the bottom with a heavy serving spoon (don't use your best silver!) or another kitchen utensil such as an ice cream scoop.

9. Continue scraping until all of the strings have been dislodged then reach in to remove everything that is loose. You should end up with a clean inside, free from pumpkin seeds or strings.

10. For easier carving, keep scraping the areas of the pumpkin where you plan to carve. Scraping the inner walls down to a thickness of about an inch will allow knives and carving tools to more easily pierce the pumpkin's flesh. (Test the depth of the skin by inserting a pin or small knife into an area that will be cut away.)

11. Remove all of these additional scrapings so the interior of the pumpkin is clean.

12. Draw a face or other design onto the pumpkin. Do a casual pumpkin with a freehand design or trace a pattern especially designed for pumpkins. Use a combination of non-permanent markers, china pencil, or pin pricks to mark the design. Make sure that the design does not start too low on the pumpkin or some if it may be hidden when you set it on the porch.

13. Carve your pumpkin where you will be comfortable -- sitting at table, standing over it, or holding it in your lap. Begin carving the design. Use tools you have including paring knives, utility blades, wood carving tools. Keep carving until the design is complete. If you cut too much out by mistake, you might be able to repair the pumpkin by reattaching a piece using toothpicks or& pins.

14. Test the look of your design by inserting a votive candle or flashlight into the pumpkin. Dim the room's lights to get the full effect. You'll be able to see where additional areas may need to be carved away or expanded to better showcase the design.
Top Tips:
1. Running short of time? Plan to clean out your pumpkin one day and carve it a day or two later.

2. Patience and care may result in the most beautiful designs, however even haphazardly cut pumpkins can look happy and festive.

3. It can help to insert a tool in the center of an area to be cut away, working your way out to the actual cutting line. It may also help to begin with shallow cuts, retracing them more deeply until the pieces are removed.

4. Keep cut pumpkins in a cool place whenever possible. Setting them inside large plastic bags may also help keep pumpkins from drying out.

5. Coating all cut edges with petroleum jelly will help keep pumpkins from drying out.
Happy Halloween!
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