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Photographing Twins & Multiples Birthday Parties
Birthday parties are times of great fun for twins. triplets and quads (and adults!) but photographing them can be challenging. Children"s parties can be chaotic places with moving subjects. lots of clutter and often little time for those organising them to pick up a camera and take a shot.

Luckily they are informal occasions which can help you to relax a bit with the camera. but it is always nice to receive - and intend to keep - images that are of good quality and which have that "wow!" factor.

Here are a few tips on Photographing& Twins & Multiples Parties:

1. Designate a Party Photographer

There"s nothing worse than getting to the end of a party and realising that while the camera was out that no one bothered (or had time) to pick it up and take some shots. Give someone the job and release that person from other party duties to just take photos. This way you"re guaranteed to get some shots and will have something to remember the day with. It is also good because it means others are able to relax and enjoy the party and that parents can rest assured that the camera will only be used responsibly. Make sure that the person you ask is familiar with your multiples. particularly if they are similar/identical - you don't want the same twin/multiple in every shot !

2.Know the Party Plan

In order to capture all of the important moments in the party you need to ensure your designated photographer knows how the party is planned to run. They need to know when everyone will be sitting down. when the blowing out of candles will happen. when presents will be opened etc. This will mean they can be well positioned for each event just ahead of them happening.
The key is in preparation. What shots do you wish to take and when ?
- the arrival of guests and the "special" person
- opening of gifts
- blowing candles out on the cake
- group photos with friends and relatives
- informal shots
- activity time
- partying!

3. Get your Children"s Perspectives

Getting down low before you take a shot of a child(ren) takes you into their world and helps you to engage with them through the images you take. Having said this - it can inject a lot of life into party shots if you do mix up your types of shot. Try some shots from standing up high (get on a chair even to accentuate it - this can be great for group shots) but also get down really low and shoot looking up at kids. Mixing it up like this will mean you end up with a more dynamic and playful series of shots at the end of the day.

4. Together and Apart

Remember to ask your photographer to take photographs of your twins. triplets and multiples both together and apart (assuming it is a joint party). It"s important to record special memories for each child as they might have to share a birthday but all the photos don"t have to be of them together. These are specially nice to use in joint albums or to frame sets of photos showing each of your multiples separately as well as together. You may also like to create their very own albums too which will be appreciated as they grow up - they are unique individuals after all !

5. Look for the Party Details

Another way to add interest to the shots is to focus in on the details of the party. I find that many of these shots are best taken before the guests arrive and might include shots of the cake. photos of balloons and other decorations. photos of presents stacked. shots of a set party table. Often it"s good to get in nice and close to these elements - fill the frame with them (to the point where they even become a little abstract). You"ll find that these types of shots look great scattered through an album between shots of people.

6. Shoot Candidly

Most of your party photos will end up being candid ones of children and adults interacting with one another around the different party activities. The other thing to do as the party "warms up" is to actually get into the party and shoot from within it ie sit with the kids. play the games. eat the food and photograph the children as you do this. At times it might even be appropriate to "play" with the kids with taking photos as "the game" you"re playing by getting them to pose and then show them the results (if you have a digital camera).

7. Take Before and After Shots of the Party

It"s amazing to see how a room (and people) can be transformed in just an hour or two when you have a group of children in it. For this reason you might want to consider what type of shots you"ll want to take before the party actually starts. This might include some of those shots that focus in on different elements of the party (see above) but also shots of the birthday boy(s) and/or girl(s) when they are dressed up and looking (and behaving) at their best. Also take a few shots at the end of the party - they could make a humorous comparison series with your before shots.

8. Shoot in Burst Mode

One of the most effective ways to capture parties is to learn how to shoot in continuous shooting (or burst) mode when your camera fires a series of shots in quick succession. This is particularly useful when shooting children as they rarely sit still but is also a good strategy for key moments in the party like blowing out the candles (which you only get a couple of seconds of opportunity to capture for each child). Another benefit of continuous shooting is that you can end up with a great series of shots that might go nicely together to tell a story.

9. Include Adults in your Photos

The focus of children"s parties is generally the children - but the adults attending the party can actually present you with some fascinating shots as they watch on. Sometimes their reactions to what the children are doing can be quite fascinating and it"s worth including them in shots - particularly those adults in the immediate family of the child having the birthday.

10. Don"t Forget the Fun !

Lastly. the key to good kids shots is to rediscover your own inner child. Kids love to have fun. they do the unexpected. they love to experiment and they love to smile. giggle and play. Approach photographing them in this spirit and you"ll find your pictures take on a wonderful childlike quality.

Looking for tips on Planning a Birthday Party for Twins & Multiples or how best to Celebrating Twins Birthdays then check out out twins tips for more advice.

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