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Birthday Party Planning for Twins & Multiples

Double, Triple or Quadruple fun, it's birthday time!!!!

As a parent of twins, triplets or more, having a birthday party for multiple children can be challenging. So how do you make sure that each child receives individual attention and how do you keep a group of children occupied and happy?

Following are some ideas and tips for planning a party for your twins, triplets or more, hopefully it will lessen the pre-party stress and allow you to relax and enjoy their BIG day.

Top 10 Tips

  1. Make sure you have a birthday cake for each child. In their favourite colour, flavour, style and theme.
  2. ALWAYS have a back-up plan for an outdoor party. Make sure that whatever you plan for an outdoor party can be easily adapted to an indoor party, in the event of bad weather.
  3. Limit the number of guests, a couple of friends each is enough.
  4. Plan age appropriate activities so the children won't be overwhelmed.
  5. Sing the "Happy Birthday" song to each child.
  6. For young children, keep parties simple and short.
  7. Always have extras of everything from food to party bags as unexpected guests may turn up. It's always better to have food left over than to not have had enough to feed everyone.
  8. Remain flexible and keep your sense of humour! Yes, it's going to be Multiples Mayhem!
  9. Draft in help - ask a few friends or family members for help on party day. I recommend 1 adult per 4 children (serve/cook food, play games, write list of gifts received, take pictures, tidy up etc)
  10. If you have young children, don't let the party run into naptime and try not to interrupt their normal bedtime routine if at all possible. Plan to finish your party to allow enough time for your children to "wind-down" - after all it's an exciting day but you don't want them over-excited just before bedtime!

Planning Schedule

Some of the planning might not be appropriate based upon the children's age and communication skills. It may help to check off as each step is completed.

6 - 8 weeks to go...

  • Decide location - at home or elsewhere (park, swimming, playzone, local hall etc..)
  • Decide on the number of guests - write guest list (decide if friends siblings are invited)
  • Select a theme.
  • Choose a date and time.
  • Check for School holidays and events like Mother's day, Easter Sunday or Father's Day.
  • Think about nap times & plan party around them.
  • Hiring an entertainer and/or equipment ? Call to book them.
  • Ask a few friends/family members to help out on party day.

2 - 3 weeks to go...

  • Buy invitations and thank you cards.
  • Write and send invitations.
  • Keep a list of invitees near the phone for RSVP's.
  • Decide on food to be served (keep it simple).
  • Order cakes (if you aren't baking one yourself).
  • Remind helpers that the party is soon!

1 week to go...

  • Select 4-6 party activities (age appropriate)
  • Select prizes and items needed for activities.
  • Play or read instructions on any games or activities with which you are unfamiliar and make sure you have any books and music that you will need.

2 - 3 days to go...

  • Call any guests who have not responded.
  • Shop for food being served and buy candles!
  • Buy sweets and small gifts for party bags, pinata, balloons & batteries for the camera.
  • Prepare any craft activities (cutting, copying etc)
  • Fill the Party Bags.
  • Charge camera/video camera battery.

The day before the party...

  • Put away any items that may be dangerous or fragile.
  • Bake or pick up cake.
  • Confirm entertainer.
  • Confirm mum's helpers.

4 - 5 hours to go...

  • Cut finger sized fruit or veggies, make dips. etc
  • Clean party area. Don"t bother trying to clean ahead especially with twins or more !
  • Hang decorations and banners.
  • Set up tables or activity areas.
  • Put candles in cake and put matches in safe place.
  • Blow up balloons (helium filled ones will last around 8 hours)
  • Tie balloons and a banner to the front of house to make it easy for guests to find your home.
  • Place crafts and prizes near the activity locations.
  • Put pen/paper near gift table to log gifts as opened for thank you cards.

1 hour to go...

  • Put any pets in an area away from the guests (allergies).
  • Get twins dressed.
  • Get siblings dressed.
  • Get husband/significant other dressed.
  • Get yourself dressed! (last as usual).
  • Set out the food and drinks table(s).
  • or if you are taking my advice and keeping it simple - call for pizza delivery!
  • Have mum's helpers arrive.
  • Have a well planned, stress free, fun party!!!

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