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Summer Fun with Twin & Triplet Toddlers
Summer means trying to keep twins. triplets or more occupied all day, every day, all summer long - no mean feat!

Keeping your multiples busy during the summer months can be a challenge for parents. especially when you're watching your budget. The cost of attending playzones, amusement park, swimming pools and other activities can be prohibitive when you're paying admission for multiple children. Instead, why not have fun at home with our Indoor Toys and Outdoor Toys, all designed with twins, triplets or more in mind!

You can also create your own fun with these free, or next-to-nothing, activities, perfect for summertime!

Outdoor Fun

Add these fun outdoor activities to your summer to-do list!

Splish Splash

Never underestimate the power of water - in the heat of summer nothing feels better than getting wet ! Let your kids run around the sprinklers. through the water hose and get the paddling pool out or fill a plastic container with water for a plodge pool. Always be vigilant with water play and multiple children and never leave them unattended.


You don't have to go far to have a nice picnic lunch. Head out to your front garden or even to the park or beach with a basket. a blanket and a bucket of toys: shovels. water guns. balls. a frisbee or a kite if it's a windy day. Let your kids help out from picking out the lunch to packing the basket.


Pitch a tent in your back garden and let the kids pretend they are camping. Get out the camping stools and make pretend lunch with pots and pans and play food - or do it for real with a picnic lunch.

Bug Walk

Go for a walk. and make it an insect adventure. Bring along a magnifying glass. and help your toddlers spot different insects from ants to ladybugs to spider webs. Collect leaves and twigs to make pictures at home as a reminder of your day.

Little Gardeners

Kids can help you in the garden easily by watering plants. helping get rid of weeds and spreading mulch. Kids can also paint and decorate flower boxes or signs for your flowerbeds or vegetable plants. With the seed packets. cardboard. glue and a stake. you can have the rows of your garden labelled in style.

Scavenger Hunt

Before you leave the house. write down a list of things that remind you of summer: a hose. flowers, bumble bees. a lawn mower. etc. Take your toddlers around the neighbourhood. and try to find as many things on the list as possible (you might want to use twin/triplet reins for this one). You can make a list for other places like the park or the beach too.

Indoor Fun

Sometimes it's just too hot to play outside. These fun and refreshing inside activities can help cool and quiet down your toddlers twins, triplets or more.

Pretend Holiday

Let your kids pretend they are on holiday at a fun resort. Bring in the paddling pool (minus the water!). and let them sit around it on towels or in beach chairs wearing their bathing suits or for even more fun fill it with play balls. Pretend you are a waitress (I know. you feel like one most of the time anyway !) and bring them fun fruit smoothies - blend yogurt. orange juice and ice with fresh fruit for a tasty frozen and healthy drink.

Ice Cream Parlour

Open your own ice cream parlour right in the kitchen. Set up your kitchen table with bowls of sprinkles. crushed nuts. sweets. chocolate syrup. strawberries or other favourite toppings for your kids. Help them build their own ice cream sundaes by scooping out their favourite ice cream into bowls and adding their choice of extras. This one can be messy but great fun !

Sweet Treats

Sweet stuff is always a treat. But rather than get hot and bothered in the kitchen with baking. try making crispy cakes instead. They'll require some adult supervision as you heat the ingredients on the hob. but the kids can participate in every step of the process. For multiples. give them each an individual bowl and let them make their own batch.

Rock Painting

Bring in a bucket full of multi-sized stones with smooth surfaces. Let the kids paint animals. shapes or their names on the stones with acrylic paints. You can use the stones in your garden or walkway.

Play Dough

Have some fun with play dough by letting your toddlers use baking cutters to cut out shapes. This is a good learning tool for identifying colours. animals and other shapes.

Make a Postcard or a Scrapbook

Get some craft paper, markers and safety scissors and help your little ones make a postcard for a far-away relative. Let your children pick out a few pictures from a fun family event and paste them on the postcard to send to a family member who wasn't there. Your toddlers can also help you pick out pictures, stickers and other art for a scrapbook of your family's summer holiday or a fun day out you had recently.

Forts and Mountains

Let the kids build a mega-fort using the sofa. chairs and blankets. If you have the space. keep the fort up for days and let them play in it and eat in it too ! Mountains can be made out of the cushions off your sofa and chairs - let them drag them off and build a soft play mountain - they love to jump and roll about but always supervise them.

Treasure Hunt

Have an treasure hunt. Hide small toys all through the house and let the kids hunt for them. Be prepared to re-hide them many times. as kids really enjoy the hunting process.

Game-a-thon !

Have a game-a-thon. With multiples. you're well on your way to having a ready-made team for games. Get Games and jigsaws and make it fun for your multiples to play together. With jigsaws it can be fun to have your children do different ones or use matching card type games so everyone gets to have a go!

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