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Vanessa Matthews - NIMBA Newsletter Editor (Australia)
Hi, I am the newsletter editor of a Melbourne branch of the Australian Multiple Births Association. I happened across your article about coping with twins - stress do's and don'ts and was wondering whether I may have permission to republish the article in our monthly newsletter. As the incident of post natal depression is higher for parents of multiples, any information we can give on reducing parenting stress is beneficial and I thought the article was really helpful. I look forward to hearing from you. Regards Vanessa Matthews NIMBA Newsletter Editor
Bethan Evans - Paediatric Occupational Therapist, Southampton
Oh my goodness me you are a miracle worker!!!!!!!! I literally can't thank you enough! I am in the process of writing the letter and will get mum to fill in the form, will also check re: the colour. (Special Needs Pushchair for parenst of disabled child funded within 1 day) THANK YOU!!!!!! Bethan
Annette Wulf - Zwillingsburg Multiple Birth Retail Store (Germany)
Hi Delyth, Thanks a lot for your support - I hope German parents of twins will love your twin feeding cushion more and more! In my eyes it's great! Have a nice day, kind regards, Annette
Cassandra Grice - Head of Sidcup Nursery
Just a thought - you should advertise/ post leaflets out to nurseries for your (Shanticot Bunk Cots)as they are a massive space saver and perfect for our environments. I am so glad that I happened across your site and that I saw them as it means our younger babies have so much more room!! Kind Regards, Cassandra
Nicola Taplin, Neonatal Unit, Broomfield Hospital, Essex
Dear Delyth, We have struggled in the past to get cushions that can be washed/wiped clean and meet health standards..... I have received the items today (Harmony Duo Solo Feeding Cushion, Twin Changing Mat and Pregnancy Wedge). They are fantastic! Thank you so much. They are just what we have been looking for. We are all very impressed with them and our manager is looking at purchasing the twin cushions and some more solo cushions for the unit. Kind regards, Nicola Taplin
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