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Founder of TwinsUK, Delyth Raffell, consistently profiles the issues surrounding twins and multiples in the media and is used regularly as a 'twin expert' writing and contributing to many features in the press, magazines, radio, TV and online parenting sites. As an award-winning 'mumpreneur', she has also featured in trade and business articles promoting female entrepreneurship, business start-ups and the life of a multiples specialist retailer!
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Seeking opportunities in TV, Film, Advertising, Modelling, Entertainment, Press or Magazine features or want to take part in twin research? We receive regular requests for twins, triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets and even sextuplets! All backgrounds and ages considered, adults and identical twins and multiples of any age are particularly popular but also expectant mums and dads, partners and siblings, lone twins and families with a history of twins. Register your interest for media opportunities and receive the latest updates as they happen!
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View all the latest media requests and 'Twins Talent' castings within the UK and overseas. Are you seeking twins, triplets or higher order multiples for TV, Film, Advertising, Modelling, Press, Magazines or Research? We can search our extensive membership database and contact suitable members matching your requirements. We will also display your request on our website and in our monthly e-newsletter. Please contact us with a brief description of your requirements along with location and deadline details.
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Want to share information about TwinsUK? You can download our posters, leaflets and multiple birth antenatal appointment cards as well as TwinsUK Logos and selected images. If you prefer to receive any of this information by post, or would like to receive one of our free Welcome Packs, just contact us for more details.
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Multiple Milestones...Stages of Development in Twins (Pre-School) - In the second stage of our twins development guide, we look at the early years where it starts to get interesting! There is so much happening; walking, talking, toddler tantrums and multiple mayhem! These formative years are when their personalities are developed and they first start to gain some independence and, most importantly, individuality.....12-18 monthsIt's often said that a twin grows up with a built-in playmate, but each child's temperament, abilities and interests determine how well multiples interact. Twins share a great bond, but its one thing to share a womb or a birthday and quite another to share a toy! I read this and it about sums it up When my friends had children, the first words their kids said was mummy but when my tw read more