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Events and Training
Antenatal Classes
Directory of multiple birth antenatal classes throughout the UK allowing you to quickly find the right course for you. You can obtain course outlines and register your interest with TwinsUK who can also advise you on the courses available in your area. We recommend you book early as places are limited and the best time to attend a course is between 22 and 32 weeks.
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Training Courses
Want to find out more about parenting and caring for twins and multiples? Build you skills and knowledge and gain confidence through attendance at Parenting Twins and Multiples Courses and Tamba Education Days. Health professionals and parents can also attend events such as the Multiple Births Foundation Conference or Donor Conception Network Meetings.
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Local Events
Find out what's on in and around your area through our listings of events including celebrations, shows, and conventions around the UK. From Twins Clubs Family Fun Days, Tamba Events, Exhibitions, Charity Events, Twins Gatherings and much more! If you know of an event which we haven't listed, please feel free to contact us with information and let everyone know!
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International Festivals
Want to know what's happening in the rest of the world? We've rounded up all the twins and multiples' celebrations and conventions across the world including the famous Twins Days Festival held in the town of Twinsburg, USA and the world's largest gathering of multiples!
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Antenatal Courses
Find a multiple birth antenatal course to suit you.
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Training Courses
Education, training, conferences and networking.
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Local Events
Find out what's happening across the UK.
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International Events
Find out what's happening across the World.
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Multiple Milestones...Stages of Development in Twins (Pre-School) - In the second stage of our twins development guide, we look at the early years where it starts to get interesting! There is so much happening; walking, talking, toddler tantrums and multiple mayhem! These formative years are when their personalities are developed and they first start to gain some independence and, most importantly, individuality.....12-18 monthsIt's often said that a twin grows up with a built-in playmate, but each child's temperament, abilities and interests determine how well multiples interact. Twins share a great bond, but its one thing to share a womb or a birthday and quite another to share a toy! I read this and it about sums it up When my friends had children, the first words their kids said was mummy but when my tw read more