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Single-Double Buggy Connectors
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Single-Double Buggy Connectors

Single-Double Buggy Connectors

The Random Tandem Connectors can make taking out two children a whole lot easier - either where one is in a wheelchair or specialist buggy and you need to connect a second pushchair or to connect two buggies together.

This 3-point bar/clamp solution allows you to attach different types of pushchair to the side of a wheelchair or specialist buggy making a double buggy to take two children out and about. You can even connect a double buggy to another single to make a triple but this would be very wide!

This solution works well for outside walks and shorter trips when you only have one carer/parent and need to take out two children together. They get to sit beside each other and enjoy the ride. You can simply disconnect the adjoining bars when you want to separate the buggies. Great for holidays too as a temporary double buggy.

We have tested these connectors with a few pushchairs and whilst it does add some width (approximately 10-15cm depending on the buggies you use) it is an alternative to using two single pushchairs or a double buggy which will not always accommodate older children who are often heavier,taller and therefore too big for a standard buggy. We have tried this solution with the Joggster Twist Buggy and the Special Tomato EIO Pushchair and it makes the 'double' around 120cm wide. We connected one set at the front, one set at the rear and the third set diagonally across the middle plus used the safety strap at the top near the handles (see images below for Joggster Twist).


The connection set consists of three bars, six clamps and a safety strap. To connect the buggy/wheelchair simply attach three clamps to the frame of the first wheelchair/buggy and three clamps to the frame of the second stroller, ideally in spots parallel to each other.

Attach one clamp towards the bottom, one in the middle, and one towards the top of both the pushchair and wheelchair (or two pushchairs). Next line up the bars one by one and insert into each clamp and tighten.

Loop the safety strap between the stroller and wheelchair (or two buggies) and there you're all set, attached and ready to roll!

The beauty of the Random Tandem Connectors is in the ability to attach at all types of angles. Once you work out the angles that work with your particular buggy/wheelchair combination it gets easier the more times you attach and go. Must be removed for folding.

So, when a double buggy just simply won't accommodate your children due to their size, or you need a quick and simple solution to connect two pushchairs then these connectors help you get out and about as a family.


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