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Harmony Duo Twin Pregnancy Wedge
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Price £24.00

Harmony Duo Twin Pregnancy Wedge

Harmony Duo Twin Pregnancy Wedge

Pregnancy is the beautiful beginning of a new chapter in your life, but as your body changes and adapts to prepare for childbirth, it can be a very challenging time for your back...and if you're expecting twins, triplets or more then you need a first class support system to get you through pregnancy and beyond!

Around 80% of pregnant women experience some degree of back pain which can occur at any point from conception, throughout their maternity and beyond childbirth. Many factors contribute to this but maintaining correct posture can prevent backache and discomfort. A multiple pregnancy means you gain weight more quickly and over a shorter time, so the strain on your body is increased. The Harmony Duo Pregnancy Wedges are designed to provide the critical postural support you need. Easy to use in a variety of positions, they support your bump, back and legs allowing you to enjoy a healthier and more comfortable multiple pregnancy, both at home and work.

Using the two wedge cushions together with the padded connector encourages you to sleep on your side, as advised by healthcare professionals. Sleeping on your left side prevents the uterus from pressing onto your major blood vessels and improves circulation, allowing maximum flow of oxygen and nutrients to your major organs and placenta(s). The soft white wedge gently lifts your tummy while the firmer blue wedge discourages you from rolling onto your back - both working together to give the support you need and above all, a good nights sleep!

To use separately, simply detach from the connector. Place a wedge under your bump to support the babies' weight and help reduce abdominal strain. Use the other wedge between your knees to reduce the pressure on your hips and pelvis. They can also be used to elevate your feet to rest tired legs and reduce swelling in your ankles. Once your babies are born, use as a handy foot rest when feeding, or use to elevate their upper bodies to alleviate the symptoms of reflux, colic or colds.

Designed for use when sitting, resting or sleeping, our unique flexi-fit design adjusts with your growing belly and the extra large wedges support even the biggest of, its time to rest, relax and take the weight off your feet!

Our award-winning Harmony Duo range has 45% Discount (RRP 45) but hurry, ONLY 1 LEFT!

TwinsUK Review
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  • Suitable for Twins & Higher Order Multiple Births
  • Multi-purpose design for bump, back, bottom, knees, legs and feet
  • Encourages S.O.S. (sleeping on side) for a healthier pregnancy
  • Improves your circulation and maximises blood flow to placenta
  • Extra large contoured wedges allow better weight distribution and support
  • Advanced Duo Technology: Ultra-hygienic Fabrics and Dual-Density Foam
  • Breathable fabric allows air to flow keeping you cool & comfortable
  • Reduces pressure on your spine, abdomen, pelvis and bladder
  • Improves posture bringing pain relief for a tired lower back
  • Use firmer blue wedge as a seat cushion to help maintain pelvic tilt
  • Easily portable, bringing comfort as and when it is needed
  • Helps to ease reflux, colic and colds in newborn babies
  • Includes Carry/Storage Bag and Posture & Pregnancy Care Leaflet
  • Non-PVC, Latex and Phthalate-free, kinder on skin
  • Medicines Healthcare Agency (MHRA)- Class 1 Medical Device

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