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Raising Twins from Birth to Adolescence
Raising Twins from Birth to Adolescence
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Raising Twins from Birth to Adolescence

Raising Twins from Birth to Adolescence

Raising Twins - What Parents want to know (and what twins want to tell them) is a guide for parents of twins that examines the physical, emotional, and cognitive development of twins and discusses competition and rivalry the "secret language" of twins, the good twin/bad twin myth. and related topics.

In Raising Twins, co-authors Eileen M. Pearlman. Ph.D. (herself an identical twin) and Jill Alison Ganon present a guidebook that studies the unique development of multiples from toddlerhood through young adulthood, paying close attention to the special challenges twins face, The first quarter of the book contrasts the cognitive, emotional, and physical development of multiples against that of singletons, touching on topics like speech, socializing, peer pressure and the journey toward independence.

Parental testimonials and an intriguing chapter about twin myths from around the world are followed by a hodgepodge chapter called "Getting Down to Business" where the authors neatly explain the practical differences between handling twins and singletons. tossing in tips on safety, toilet habits, travel and play.

The authors' advice often comes straight from parents who've been there as well as the subjects themselves, who address topics like sharing, fighting and jealousy, as well as the quite comical "Things that people shouldn't say or ask us". With its clear, intelligent content and bite-sized topic coverage, Raising Twins makes an excellent resource for any adult involved in this happy task.

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  • Paperback 278 Pages Covering :
  • Sharing & Comparisons
  • Competition & Rivalry
  • Secret Language of Twins
  • The Good Twin/Bad Twin Myth
  • Teen-specific Issues
  • Lively, Candid Discussion with Twins & Parents

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