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Triple Reins with Carry Pouch
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Price £44.95

Triple Reins with Carry Pouch

Triple Reins with Carry Pouch

Our Triple Reins are specially designed safety harnesses for triplets or three young children that give you peace of mind when out with your toddlers. Instead of buying three sets of walking reins, here is one Triple Set that will cover all your needs! Re-designed with safety, comfort and convenience in mind, these really are the 'Rolls Royce' of reins - only the best for you and your trio!

Everything you need to get you and your trio out and about safely!
3 x Child Harnesses (adjustable at chest/shoulders and O ring on back)
3 x Parent Leads (adjustable with swivel hook at each end)
3 x Parent Handles (short handle with O ring to attach lead)
1 x Parent Waist Belt (adjustable with O ring to clip on leads)
1 x Neoprene Carry Pouch

They are so flexible you can use them as either:
- Three completely separate, single reins
- As a Triple set but joined together using a single parent lead handle
- As a Triple set but using two or three parent handles
- Single, Twin or Triple set, clipped to the parent belt (leaving you hands-free!)

Our Triple Reins Set has been re-designed to make them easy and convenient to use. Now with three single-piece harnesses - they simply pop over each child's head, secure safely at both sides, sitting comfortably on the upper chest (as recommended by health professionals as the strongest and safest part of a young child's body for a harness). For your children's comfort, a new soft & flexible neoprene chest pad has been added in a choice of vibrant colours and the reins are fully adjustable at both sides and on the shoulders as children come in all shapes and sizes!

The reins give your children the independence to explore in a safe, controlled way and give you peace of mind knowing you CAN get out and about with all of them, even on your own! Each harness is designed to fit comfortably from around 12m to 3-4yrs old, which is when they make a bid for freedom and when you often need to restrain them! Designed to be safer than conventional reins as the 'O' rings fitted to the back of each harness and the swivel hooks on each parent lead virtually eliminates tangling and as the parent leads are adjustable and longer than most reins, your children have the freedom they desire but are still kept close to you at all times. The longer leads are also perfect for taller parents, who find conventional single reins just too short!

There are three adjustable adult belts in the Triple Pack to which one, two or three leads can be attached making you (and any helpers) completely hands-free! This allows you to push a buggy or carry shopping bags for instance, but it also proves very useful when putting your children in/out of the car - while you secure one child safely in the car, you will always know that the others are safely by your side and cannot run off into the road. Perfect for triplets, twins and sibling or three toddlers.

These reins are also great for Childminders and Nurseries who need the flexibility of keeping multiple children safe when out and about walking.

Please Note: Your children should be walking steadily on their feet before using these reins (usually between 12-18m). It may take a couple of trips out before your children become accustomed to wearing them as they are not used to being restrained!

Please Note: the images show the reins being used with twin but parents and carers of 3 young children use them in the same way with the 3rd set in the triple reins pack.


TwinsUK Review
This product has a TwinsUK review of 5 Hearts. Read the Review

  • Highly recommended for triplets or three toddlers
  • Gives children independence to explore in a safe, controlled way
  • Gives parents unique hands-free option using parent belt
  • NEW! Colours: Black, Blue, Red, Pink or Green
  • NEW! Single-piece Child Harnesses
  • NEW! Side & Shoulder Adjustment
  • NEW! Soft Neoprene Chest Pad
  • 1 Adjustable Adult Belt
  • 3 Adjustable Parent Leads
  • 3 Detachable Parent Handles
  • 3 Adjustable Toddler Harnesses
  • FREE! Black Neoprene Carry Pouch
  • Strong polypropylene webbing
  • Harnesses/Leads are hand wash only
  • Suitable from around 12m to 3-4yrs
  • Max Harness width fits 32" chest
  • Max Shoulder Strap Length 38cm
  • Max Child Lead length 92cm
  • Parent Handle Length 20cm
  • Harnesses/webbing are hand washable
  • Great for Childminders & Nurseries

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