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Safababy Cot Divider (Twins Co-Sleeping)
Cot Divider - Safababy Sleeper
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Price £29.95

Safababy Cot Divider (Twins Co-Sleeping)

Safababy Cot Divider (Twins Co-Sleeping)

The Safababy Cot Divider is a simple and unique cot separator that provides a quick and easy method of ensuring your twin babies are permanently in the feet to foot position. For Twins the cot divider can be used in either a cot or cot bed for co-sleeping twins to around 6-8 months.

All parents of newborn babies want to provide the safest sleeping environment possible. The Safababy has been designed in accordance with the experts advice in keeping your baby in the feet to foot position which is believed to reduce the risk of cot death otherwise known as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS. The Feet-to-Foot rule is aimed at preventing overheating. thought to be one of the main contributory factors of cot death. Making the babys bed up at the bottom of the cot prevents the baby from being able to slide under the blankets.

The Safababy Sleeper has been designed to stop baby from wriggling free from the foot of the cot and becoming cold. Getting the layers of lightweight blankets right is essential. Blankets and sheets that become loose can pose a risk of covering babies head. The security strap. which fits underneath the mattress. ensures that blankets are held securely in place.

SafaBaby Sleeper can be positioned according to the size of the baby anywhere in the cot or cot-bed, creating a false foot and a snug environment for baby to sleep. As baby grows, the Safababy Sleeper is re-positioned further down the cot, allowing correct Feet-to-Foot positioning until baby can sit up unaided (approx 7 months), although feedback from customers confirm that the Safababy Sleeper can be used for longer according to individual development.

Many parents are using the Safababy Sleeper as a separator to place twins in the same cot or preferably cot bed thus keeping the twins in close proximity to each other, whilst eliminating the need to place two bulky cots or cot beds in the parents bedroom. The divider can be used for approx 7-8 months for twins, depending on the size of the babies and if a cot or cot bed are used. Once your babies are able to sit up unaided then you should stop using the cot divider in case they use it to climb up and over the cot

Midwives have recognised the Safababy as an important maternity purchase for the nursery and the Safababy Sleeper has been extremely popular with parents of twins. Parents wanting their twins to share a bed, but not face-to-face, have purchased the Sleeper to achieve just that, whilst maintaining the feet-to-foot position. Easy to fit with instructions guideline included. The Safababy cot divider is designed to fit all pole configurations and all widths between poles.

  • It is suitable from birth-7m approx
  • It adjusts to fit cots and cot beds 45-75cm wide
  • Keeps Babies in Feet to Foot Position
  • Security Strap holds blankets in place
  • Position according to the size of the baby
  • Can be used for Twins sharing a cot
  • Easy to fit with instructions included
  • Recommended by Mid-Wives
  • 100 moulded food grade polypropolyne
  • Meets European Standard for Cots BS EN716

Product Images
Cot Divider - Safababy Sleeper
Cot Divider - Safababy Sleeper
Cot Divider - Safababy Sleeper

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