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Department of Twin Reseach Seeks Volunteers

The Department of Twin Research, which, over the last 21 years has created the UK’s largest adult twin research registry comprising 12,000 twins (TwinsUK). Our research focuses on identifying  the genetic and environmental factors that cause disease and ageing. One of our latest studies focuses on how urban living and the air we breathe affects our health and the health of future generations.

As initially discussed with your team we are writing to you to see if you can help us promote our research to adult twins so that they can have the opportunity to take part in this ground-breaking and exciting health research.
Members of the registry can choose to have a research visit and also a full health assessment at St Thomas’ Hospital (including a health report of results). We also send out regular online questionnaires which means that people from all over the UK can take part in our online research.  Our latest research and activities can be seen by clicking
We also have an extensive social media programme which can be accessed through these links:
We would welcome the opportunity to spread the word through your extensive network of twins, and are enquiring as to the best way of doing this using the attached information and our newsletter and social media links.
Victoria Vazquez  
EA to Director / Collaborations and Data Sharing Manager   
TwinsUK Department of Twin Research, Kings College London,
St Thomas’ Hospital Campus, 3rd Floor South Wing Block D
Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1 7EH
Direct: +44 (0) 207 188 6765 

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