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Harmony Duo Retail Launch

Harmony Duo ranges launches to the retail sector on March 25th 2012 and will soon be available across the UK in a store near you!

Following the success of the Harmony Duo Twin Feeding Cushion, which was a finalist in the Mumpreneur Best Product Category in  2011,  the range has been extended and now covers pregnancy, feeding and changing needs. Developed with the help of healthcare professionals and parents of twins, all the products are medically certified and designed to help with your everday needs from pregnancy to early parenthood. 

Delyth Raffell, the mother of twin girls and the Founder of TwinsUK says 

"Harmony Duo first came about when I decided that the twin feeding cushions available on the market were not really doing the job!  They were either too squashy, or two narrow, or too uncomfortable, or got too dirty ...lots of different reasons. I knew what mums wanted because I knew what I wanted, and after six years at the helm of my business working with other companies' cushions, I decided I owed it to everyone to design the best."
And so the Harmony Duo Twin Feeding Cushion was born!  The UK's first ultra-hygienic, double-sided cushion for breastfeeding and bottle feeding twins, with distinctive two-tone cover - white for breastfeeding and blue for bottle feeding - it's that simple!
After another year working on product development,  the result is our new Harmony Duo range, designed after long discussions with mums about which products would really help improve their health, posture and wellbeing and also be safe and hygienic for their babies.  
"My promise to you is that our new Harmony Duo Twin Pregnancy Wedges, Twin Feeding Cushion and  Combi Double Changing Mat will all make a real difference to you and your feeding and changing routines when your baby arrives, not to mention your own, very precious sleep before the big event! "

Delyth Raffell, Founder TwinsUK

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