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Come Join the Party Double Fun to be One !

At TwinsUK we are celebrating our 1st Birthday this month and now offer a range of birthday gifts for twins. triplets and quads as well as tips for party planning and making the day memorable.
Birthdays are a big milestone for twins. triplets and quads. After all. it is one of the first things they share as they begin their life and at TwinsUK. we would like to share in the fun and help you celebrate this special occasion by launching our fantastic new Birthday Club this month.

FREE Gifts for Twins. Triplets and Quads !
TwinsUK Birthday Club - the only one of it's kind !

FREE Membership when you register your childrens details
Exclusive Previews of our exciting new items
Twins & Multiples Birthday Tips
FREE Gifts for all Multiples (with qualifying order)
All the benefits of TwinsUK membership including :

10% Introductory Discount
Double Loyalty Points
Special Member Offers
Twins Clubs Affiliate Scheme

To update your childrens details. simply Logon to your Member Account
Privacy Statement: TwinsUK is committed to protecting your privacy and we are especially careful in any communications with our most treasured customers - children and their families. We do not pass on your details to anyone outside TwinsUK.
Extra Special FIRST Birthdays
Reaching the end of the first year is an important event for twins. triplets and multiples (and parents too !) and deserves an extra special celebration. We have Twins 1st Birthday Invitations to make sure you tell everyone they're going to be One ! TwinsUK have designed a range of beautifully embroidered Our First Birthday T-Shirts that let your twins dress to impress on the big day !

Twins / Triplets / Quads Birthdays
Children of all ages love birthdays. There is nothing quite like the feeling of waking up on your special day. even if you do share it with someone else ! Make you multiples feel extra special with our unique twins gifts. triplets gifts and quads gifts and don"t forget the cards and stationary too !

Limited Edition TwinKits™
Our limited edition Twins First Birthday Party TwinKit™ and Twins Birthday Party TwinKit™ for all ages has everything you need for Double the Fun ! (Kits for Triplets also available on request)

We have not forgotton gifts for siblings either and have also extended our range to include some fabulous new products for siblings like these Big Sister of Twins Notebooks and Big Brother of Twins Notebooks. We have also developed an extra special Big Sister of Twins TwinKit™ and Big Brother of Twins TwinKit™ that will be packed full of our most popular goodies and some new ones too !

Just some of the new birthday gifts we have on offer or coming very soon…..

Our Birthday Albums - Fabulous multi-coloured Photo & Memory Album for multiples - in four amazing designs !
Our First Birthday T-Shirts - Beautifully embroidered t-shirts to celebrate in style.
Birthday Cards for Twins & Triplets - Brand new designs for young and older / adult twins.
Twins Happy Birthday Balloons. Badges. Twins Music CD. Fun Party Activities and lots more !!!!!!
New Sibling Ranges - Big Brothers & Big Sisters Bags. Badges. Bracelets Prints and Official Certficates Coming Soon !!
I ♥ twins / triplets - Fab new range includes Adult & Child T-Shirts and Hats. Baby Shoes. GiftSets. Badges. Magnets and Balloons.

We wish all our Birthday Club Members Multiples a Magical Birthday !

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